Bin Laden wanted to kill Obama so “unprepared” Biden would be president, Fox News reports
A declassified report revealed that Osama bin Laden wanted to kill former President Barack H. Obama, so that a “totally unprepared” then-Vice President Joe Biden would take over- and send the nation into a crisis. The information had been obtained during the 2011 raid that cost the terror kingpin... Read more
Iran, North Korea, Russia: America’s adversaries emboldened to flex their muscles amid coronavirus
A dozen Iranian speed boats brazenly swarm U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf. A Russian fighter jet buzzes a U.S. Navy surveillance plane flying over the Mediterranean Sea. North Korea fires a barrage of missiles launched from the air and ground. All the incidents took place in mid-April. All... Read more
One of most heroic Medal of Honor recipients from the Vietnam War dies of coronavirus
WASHINGTON — Medal of Honor recipient Bennie Adkins, who was given the nation’s highest military honor for heroically fighting off enemies and saving wounded soldiers in Vietnam, died April 17 from complications caused by the coronavirus. Adkins, who was 86, was hospitalized March 26 at the East Alabama Medical... Read more
USAF SERE instructor debuts the MA37 from “Halo” video game series
US Air Force SERE instructor and YouTube gun personality Garand Thumb gave us a delightful April 1st joke- one that would make the Master Chief proud. Releasing the video on the day in which everyone likes to lie to each other for fun, Garand Thumb delivered a full-on review... Read more
104-year-old WWII veteran beats the coronavirus, says he’s ready for a haircut
An Oregon veteran who turns 104 today could be one of the oldest people in the world to survive the new coronavirus. William Lapschies, among the first Oregonians known to have the disease, has been declared free of the virus, said daughter Carolee Brown. “He is fully recovered. He... Read more
Company charged millions for pro-America ads that never aired in Afghanistan, lawsuit alleges
Photo: A billboard in Ghazni promotes coalition action in Afghanistan in 2010. The Leonie Group, which produced television, radio and billboard ads in Afghanistan, falsely billed the government for ads that were never disseminated, the company’s former president alleges in a whistleblower lawsuit. JUSTIN HOWE/U.S. ARMY An information operations... Read more
Baby boomers grew up fearing nuclear war. Now we fear something too small to see
As a kid, growing up in the 1960s, I feared death from above: the A-bomb’s immense, blinding flash, its mushroom cloud. Nights during the Cuban missile crisis, I sat in bed, ear pressed to the window as I tried to gauge the height of planes overhead because I imagined... Read more
Survey finds the US Navy is difficult to do business with
Photo: (01.16.2018) Rear Adm. Duke Heinz, Commander of Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) (second from left), and Vice Commander, Lynn Kohl, (far left), join with NAVSUP WSS staff for a Strategic Industry Engagement with defense contractor executives. Evolving the strategic engagement concept, NAVSUP WSS has... Read more
Iran’s space suits found for sale online, actually $20 costumes
The Iranians are ready for space- but they may want to set their space suit budget above twenty-five dollars. Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, Tehran’s information and communications technology minister, tweeted a photo of what appeared to be an Iranian space suit for future missions. However, upon closer inspection, it was... Read more
Goodbye “Boomers,” the “Zoomers” will be fighting the next world war
The “Zoomers” of Generation Z are filling the ranks of the US military as the world continues to destabilize, and the very real possibility of war with countries such as China, Russia and Iran hangs over American fighting men and women like a dark shadow. Fortunately, a YouTube creator... Read more
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