An Australian F-111 doing a ‘dump and burn’ in 2008. Allan Henderson/Flickr photo Aardvarks flew combat missions in Vietnam, Libya and Iraq by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN The General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark was a low-altitude strike plane born out of a shotgun wedding between competing Air Force and Navy requirements — with Defense Secretary... Read more
Venezuelan F-16A. Rob Schleiffert/Flickr photo Downing of suspected drug flights raises human rights concerns by JAVIER IGNACIO MAYORCA This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. A 2012 law that allows Venezuela’s air force to shoot down aircraft on suspicious flight paths reflects a policy that is being implemented at a high cost... Read more
The Pentagon borrowed Bronco bombers for Middle East mission by JOSEPH TREVITHICK On Oct. 1, 2012, the U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Navy made a deal with NASA to borrow a pair of Vietnam-era OV-10 Broncos, which the space agency used for experiments. Now after a series of... Read more
A Marine Corps F-35B. Marine Corps photo It depends on who you ask by DAVE MAJUMDAR The U.S. Marines’ top aviation officer offered an upbeat assessment of the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter to the House Armed Services Committee during testimony July 6: The stealthy new jump-jet is performing well during training exercises... Read more
Still from a video released by the JAI in support of a claim that one of its BAZ-5937 launchers shot down a SyAAF helicopter on June 27, 2016. JAI release Shoot-downs are piling up by TOM COOPER During the night of June 26 and 27, 2016, insurgents from the Jaysh Al Islam — a... Read more
MiG-23BN serial 4136 was the first of two overhauled by technicians of the LNA/AF — with some help from Egypt. LNA/AF photo via Why did Libya add refueling probes to its swing-wing fighters? by ARNAUD DELALANDE & TOM COOPER On April 30, 2016, Capt. Adel Jihani of the Libyan National Army... Read more
U.S. Air Force photo. All other art via Wikipedia The GAU-8 is a fearsome shooter by MATTHEW MOSS General Electric’s 30-millimeter GAU-8 Avenger cannon has been the primary weapon of the U.S. Air Force’s A-10 Thunderbolt II ground-attack plane for more than 40 years. It also arms the Goalkeeper naval close-in... Read more
An Mi-28N gunship of the Iraqi army flying low over the western Iraqi desert. Iraqi army photo via Civilians may have been caught in the crossfire by ARNAUD DELALANDE During the night of June 28, 2016, a huge convoy reportedly including thousands of Islamic State fighters evacuated Fallujah... Read more
Could Japan’s F-3 program end up being built on the back of the X-2 technology demonstrator? Japanese defense ministry photo Tokyo requests information from industry for next-gen warplane by JAMES SIMPSON In late June, the Japanese ministry of defense made its initial request for information on next-generation jet fighters from manufacturers, kickstarting... Read more
A MiG-17F in 2005. Robert Lawton/Wikimedia photo Col. Nguyen Tomb was the conflict’s most lethal dogfighter, if he even existed by SEBASTIEN ROBLIN Col. Nguyen Tomb — or “Toon” — is one of the names immortalized in military aviation, like Baron von Richthofen and Eddie Rickenbacker. I first encountered Tomb when I was 10... Read more
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