An AH-1W SuperCobra leaves the USS ‘San Antonio’ to attack targets in Libya. U.S. Navy photo Marines may now need extra help keeping up the pressure on the Islamic State by JOSEPH TREVITHICK After nearly three months of air strikes, the Pentagon has shuffled up its forces bombing the Islamic State... Read more
Su-34. Photo via Wikipedia No, Algiers is not buying Russia’s latest fighter-bomber by TOM COOPER On Dec. 30, 2015, some Russian media outlets—this one, for example — claimed Algeria had placed an order for powerful, twin-engine Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers. Western observers concluded that the order was a given — and now it’s only a... Read more
A Northrop Grumman concept for a laser-zapping future stealth fighter. Northrop Grumman illustration The U.S. Air Force wants a plane with more range and a heavier payload in the 2030s by DAVE MAJUMDAR The U.S. Air Force is in the process of completing its initial research on a next-generation air superiority... Read more
Destroyed Iraqi tanks on the ‘Highway of Death’ on March 8, 1991. Pentagon photo The Persian Gulf War proved that big armies are toast without air power by ROBERT FARLEY In 1991, Chinese military officers watched as the United States dismantled the Iraqi army, a force with more battle experience and somewhat... Read more
German Ju 87 dive-bombers attack Stalingrad. Photo via Wikipedia New book recalls history’s greatest aerial campaign by DAVID AXE The Eastern Front was the decisive theater of World War II in Europe. German premier Adolf Hitler’s disastrous 1941 order to invade the vast Soviet Union mired Nazi Germany in a bloody,... Read more
Adam Freidin photo via Flickr Communications network doubles as a defense grid by ROBERT BECKHUSEN Here’s a nightmare scenario that keeps Russian generals up at night: American submarines and aircraft launching precision-guided cruise missiles by the hundreds. Within minutes, they slam into bases, communications nodes and the Kremlin’s own missile launchers.... Read more
A Marine Corps CH-53 Super Stallion delivers aid to Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. U.S. Marine Corps photo The Pentagon organizes a different kind of intervention by JOSEPH TREVITHICK On Oct. 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew crashed into Haiti’s southern coast, killing and injuring hundreds. The next day, the... Read more
U.S. Marine Corps capture This conspiracy is bullshit by BRYSON MASSE Is the U.S. military orchestrating a “false-flag” operation in Syria, trying to convince the world that Russia is waging a brutal bombing campaign when, in fact, Moscow is not actually the one indiscriminately killing civilians in the war-torn Middle East country? No,... Read more
Canopy visibility is as important now as it was during World War II by JAMES PERRY STEVENSON During World War II, the top-scoring American fighter ace was Richard Bong with 40 kills. That sounds like a large number — and for American pilots it was. But to put 40 kills into perspective,... Read more
Drone Wingmen for Japanese Fighter Jocks
The Japanese military wants a drone wingman to accompany its future F-3 fighters into combat starting in the 2030s. The concept — similar to the U.S. military’s own “Loyal Wingman” drone initiative — and could help Japanese fighter pilots make up for the numerical superiority of potential enemies. The Japanese defense ministry’s Acquisition,... Read more
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