A crashed Mi-24 in eastern Chad in 2008. David Axe photo But their nefarious methods got one of them in big trouble by TOM COOPER & ADRIEN FONTANELLAZ The history of the modern Chadian air force is a fascinating one. Just two men — Pres. Idris Deby Itno and Griffin Aerospace executive Habib... Read more
Capt. Yu Xu, one of China’s first female fighter pilots. Xinhua photo Capt. Yu Xu was one of the first combat pilots in a long history of women in Chinese military aviation by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN On the morning of Nov. 12, J-10 fighters from China’s prestigious Ba Yi Air Demonstration Team... Read more
The view from within an Iraqi Mi-171 helicopter armed with unguided bombs. Iraqi Ministry of Defense capture This tactic gets civilians killed by JOSEPH TREVITHICK In October 2016, Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga troops began moving toward Mosul, uprooting die-hard Islamic State fighters on three sides. Now, as those forces... Read more
An F-35A takes off from Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. U.S. Air Force photo Program office cuts development short by DAN GRAZIER When F-35 Joint Strike Fighter pilots take to the air in coming years, not only will their plane not be suitable for combat, it won’t even be... Read more
President-elect likes luxury and has criticized plane maker Boeing by JOSEPH TREVITHICK In over a year of campaigning, president-elect Donald Trump talked vaguely about his desire to expand and improve the U.S. military. We can expect Trump’s administration to work on solidifying these plans after his inauguration in January. However, Trump... Read more
Official manual features still from viral video by JOSEPH TREVITHICK “That’s a chick,” someone says over the radio. “Ah, roger,” comes a response. A U.S. Army OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter has stumbled upon a couple having sex in the back of a convertible. The small scout helicopter is out on a... Read more
The export variant of the R-77 — the RVV-AE or Izdeliye-190 — on display at the MAKS-2009 show. Photo by Allocer via Wikimedia Commons The Russians may never have acquired production-model R-77s by TOM COOPER Russia’s R-77 active-radar-homing air-to-air missile — NATO designation AA-12 — is widely considered to be equivalent to the American AIM-120 AMRAAM. But in fact,... Read more

Tomcat’s First Kill

WIB air November 14, 2016 0

Pre-delivery photograph of the first F-14A built for Iran, taken during a test flight. This aircraft was re-serialled as 3–6001 immediately upon delivery to Iran in January 1976. Northrop-Grumman photo Iran, not the United States, was first to fly the F-14 in air combat by TOM COOPER It’s generally accepted that... Read more
CH-47 serial LC-017 being overhauled at Mitiga in October 2016. Arnaud Delalande collection But they’re about to take flight again by ARNAUD DELALANDE The Libya Dawn Air Force, one of two competing air arms in Libya, is overhauling two former Libyan air force CH-47C Chinook heavylift transport helicopters at Mitiga... Read more
B-17s unload over Germany in March 1945. U.S. Air Force photo Bombers blasted the Hell out of Pantelleria by JAMES STEVENSON In the years after World War I, the brain trust of the U.S. Army evolved two conflicting opinions on how best to apply air power in the next war. The... Read more
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