Air Force explores new fitness assessment for airmen that could be gender neutral
Jennifer H. Svan Stars and Stripes The Air Force is exploring a fitness assessment that would plug a value for an airman’s 1.5-mile run time into an equation that would include waist and height measurements. The result: A fitness-fatness index that could be gender neutral. Last month, Neal Baumgartner,... Read more
U.S. and Chinese bombers soar over Western Pacific as area sees ramped-up military drills
Jesse Johnson Japan Times, Tokyo B-52 bombers from Guam have trained with Air Self-Defense Force and Okinawa-based U.S. fighter jets in the Western Pacific, just days after China sent a total of six bombers and other aircraft through a key entryway into the Pacific for their own military exercises.... Read more
Russian colonel reveals Kremlin is teaching dolphins & soldiers to use psychic abilities
A Russian military publication published an article by a military field officer, claiming that the post-Soviet state has access to psychic soldiers and telepathic dolphins. The state-funded Army Digest is coming under fire from some government officials after it released the work of Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, who wrote about... Read more
Bombs Away: Best photos of our military for April 4th, 2019
This week we see a major show of force in a polar environment, a Golden Knight gets tangled with a Red Devil, more training in the Far East, and a test of a piece of rocket that could be on the way to Moon. Soldiers lit up the night... Read more
Pentagon will still train Turkish F-35 pilots as it considers expelling Turkey from jet program
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Pentagon said Thursday that it will not halt training for Turkish pilots flying the F-35A Lightning II fighters that country has purchased even as the United States threatens to expel its ally from the advanced jet program over its intentions to purchase a... Read more
All of Pakistan’s F-16 jets accounted for by US personnel, contradicting Indian claims
Asia News Network Following the conflict between the two countries in February, India had claimed that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) had used F-16s to target Indian military installations after crossing the Line of Control. As “proof”, what looked like a piece of an AMRAAM missile was shown, which... Read more
Turkey may turn to Russia for help after U.S. cancels F-35 parts delivery
The Pentagon has suspended the delivery of F-35 Lightning II aircraft to Turkey, following Turkey’s decision to purchase Russian S-400 missiles. In what has become another point of contention between the U.S. and Turkey, the “black sheep” of NATO has enlisted the help of the Russians for their defense... Read more
U.S. suspended delivery of F-35 parts to Turkey. How bad is it for Lockheed Martin?
Gordon Dickson Fort Worth Star-Telegram When it comes to building the F-35 stealth fighter jet, Turkey is no small partner. That’s why Fort Worth-based Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is sure to feel a sting after the Defense Department announced this week that it was suspending delivery of F-35 aircraft parts... Read more
A Russian ‘spy’ plane is being allowed to photograph U.S. military sites
Brian Niemietz New York Daily News A Russian surveillance jet based out of Travis Air Force Base in northern California has been enjoying access to restricted air space that are off limits to U.S. passenger planes since last week. In turn, Russia has allowed U.S. spy planes to fly... Read more
Indiana Air Force Base construction funding could be diverted to pay for border wall
Carson Gerber Kokomo Tribune, Ind. Two major construction projects at Grissom Air Reserve Base totaling $21.5 million could be diverted to fund President Donald Trump’s expanded border wall between U.S. and Mexico. The Department of Defense last week released a full list of military construction projects that could be... Read more
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