Arrival of the Langley marked beginning of an era in Pacific naval aviation
On this day in 1924 the nation’s first aircraft carrier, the Langley, arrived at San Diego to join the Pacific Battle Fleet. The ship was originally built to carry coal for the World War I fighting fleets but had been converted into an experimental aircraft carrier. The Langley was... Read more
Army pilot took out Nazis and their tanks by strapping bazookas to his plane

Sometimes in life, you’re not given the cards you would have hoped for. Be it poor decisions along the way, circumstances beyond your control or just bum luck, people rarely come into any situation with everything going exactly the way they want it.

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Russia’s report about “failed F-35 intercept” deemed a fake
The so-called “failed intercept” of a Russian supersonic bomber by two American F-35 Lightning IIs has been deemed “fake news,” according to a fact-checking watchdog group. Earlier this month, Russian media (as well as global media aggregates) reported that two American F-35s failed to catch the Soviet-era knock-off of... Read more
Too short to fly? Air Force re-evaluating height requirement for pilots
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes The Air Force general in charge of pilot training says prospective aviators shouldn’t be dissuaded from a flying career because they think they’re too short or too tall. Maj. Gen. Craig Wills, commander since June of the 19th Air Force Air Education and Training... Read more
Chinese magazine ‘accidentally’ reveals new top secret weapon

A state-run publication of the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army Navy has revealed a weapon that China likely did not want the world to see.

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Air Force employing old F-16 “Viper” aircraft as remote-operated drones

Older legacy variants of the F-16 “Viper” are getting a grand send-off without an end to their service- by being converted into high-end target drones that can attempt to outfly the human pilots whose skills they are designed to hone.

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UN investigating possible war crime after 10 killed, 35 wounded during airstrike in Libya
Tripoli (dpa) – Ten people were killed and 35 wounded when an airstrike hit a factory in southern Tripoli on Monday, the Libyan capital’s emergency services spokesman said. Those injured were transferred to two hospitals nearby, Osama Ali, spokesman for the emergency and ambulance services in Tripoli, told dpa.... Read more
North Korea’s Kim oversees military drills after U.S. and South cancel joint air exercises
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has overseen air force drills “under the simulated conditions of real war,” state-run media reported Monday, a day after the U.S. and South Korea said they were postponing their joint air exercises in a bid to boost stalled nuclear talks with Pyongyang. The... Read more
Ahead of meeting with Trump, Erdogan threatened to buy Russian jets
As Turkish President Erdogan meets with US President Donald Trump today, he brings with him some aggravating news- the Turkish military might be flying Sukhois and MiGs in the near future. In what has already become a contentious relationship between the US and Turkey, the Turkish government has now... Read more
Islamic Jihad leader killed in Israeli strike as conflict escalates
Tel Aviv/Gaza (dpa) – Two senior Islamic Jihad leaders were targeted in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and Syria on Tuesday, sparking one of the worst rounds of violence in the region in five years. Baha Abu Al Ata – the 42-year-old leader of the al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing... Read more
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