Bomber task force in Middle East completes first mission as tension with Iran increases
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes A U.S. Air Force bomber task force completed its first mission in Central Command Sunday amid heightened tensions with Iran, where over the weekend officials called for U.S. forces to leave the Persian Gulf region and dubbed the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln a... Read more
Acoustic technology will deliver GPS location of enemy sniper to soldier’s smartphone
A French researcher has developed upon existing military-grade hearing protection so it can identify the direction of incoming fire- and the U.S. Army is all ears. Known as the Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS), the earplugs have built-in microphones that allow soldiers to protect their hearing without sacrificing... Read more
F-16s land in Romanian to strengthen Russian deterrence mission
Martin Egnash Stars and Stripes A short U.S. Air Force deployment to Romania is doubling the number of F-16 fighter jets in the country, ahead of Romanian plans to purchase more of the U.S.-made aircraft. More than 250 airmen and a dozen F-16C fighter jets from the Fort Worth,... Read more
U.S. reveals ‘Flying Ginsu’ missile which cuts down targets, reduces collateral damage
The United States has developed an awesome new weapon for killing high-value targets without causing extensive collateral damage, and it has already proven itself in at least five countries. The missile, which is dubbed the R9X “Flying Ginsu,” is a non-explosive missile which kills the enemy target with kinetic... Read more
Pentagon top officials defend move sending carrier and bombers to counter Iranian threat
Claudia Grisales Stars and Stripes The Pentagon’s two top officials on Wednesday defended a decision to dispatch the USS Abraham Lincoln and a bomber task force to the Persian Gulf over the weekend to counter Iranian threats to U.S. forces in the region. Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan and... Read more
Marine Corps Ospreys land safely in Hawaii after island-hopping the Pacific Ocean
Carlos M. Vazquez Ii Stars and Stripes Four Hawaii-based MV-22B Ospreys island-hopped their way home across the Pacific Ocean this month, just the third time the tiltrotor aircraft has made the long over-the-ocean journey, according to the Marine Corps. The Ospreys, assigned to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 268 and... Read more
Canopy & flight data recorder of missing Japanese F-35A found
Hana Kusumoto Stars and Stripes A monthlong search has recovered more pieces of a lost Japanese F-35A stealth fighter, including part of the aircraft’s canopy and flight data recorder, according to Japan’s defense minister. The jet went down with its pilot, Maj. Akinori Hosomi, who remains unaccounted for, in... Read more
Not just carriers: U.S. also sending four B-52 bombers to Middle East
Four US B-52 bombers have been deployed to the Middle East in response to threats of a possible attack by Iran against local American troops in the region, according to U.S. officials. The bombers, which made up the bulk of the aerial nuclear response fleet during the Cold War... Read more
Air Force tests out land-based laser defense system that shoots down aircraft
The U.S. Air Force has announced that they have a new laser defense system and that it has shot down multiple missiles during a test in New Mexico. Known as the Self-Protect High-Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD), the land-based laser demonstrator is slated to act as a point-defense system on... Read more
China is building a stealth jet and it may be ready by this year
By Tony Capaccio Bloomberg News China may declare its first stealth fighter operational this year as it also develops long-range bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons, part of a regional buildup by Beijing that the U.S. is closely monitoring, according to the U.S. Air Force’s Pacific commander. Gen. Charles... Read more
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