Saudi students resume training at Navy bases with new firearm restrictions
Saudi flight candidates are cleared to resume training at US Navy bases, following the deadly terror attack carried out by one of its own in Florida late last year. International military students have now resumed their flight training after the vetting requirements set forth by Defense Secretary Mark Esper... Read more
USAF shows how “you can run but you can’t hide” from JTACs
(Video by Airman 1st Class Olivia Grooms and Airman 1st Class Dylan Murakami) Able to strike from a distance and hit targets with a level of precision that lowers the chance of collateral damage, the GBU-39 is a unique weapon. Sporting retractable wings that allow it to glide to... Read more
Video: Syrian helicopter shot down by Turkish-backed rebels
As Turkish-backed rebels clash with Russian-backed Syrian troops loyal to the Assad regime, tensions continue to rise after a rebel group shot down a Soviet-era helicopter belonging to the Syrian military. Video footage obtained from rebel groups shows a Mi-17 Hip transport helicopter disintegrate into a flurry of flame... Read more
Chinese military planes fly past Taiwan for 2nd straight day
Chinese military aircraft were seen near Taiwan on Monday for the second consecutive day, the Ministry of National Defense said, adding that it has been keeping close tabs on the situation. Military spokesman Shih Shun-wen (???) said the ROC Armed Forces have a full grasp of the latest developments... Read more
Former USAF drone operator says the US military are worse than “Nazis”
A former Air Force drone operator who left the service to become a peace activist claims that the American military are “worse than the Nazis.” Montana native Brandon Bryant operated Predator drones for a large portion of his six years in the service, flying his attack and surveillance aircraft... Read more
350 American coronavirus evacuees from Wuhan arrive at US Air Force base
Two jetliners carrying 350 American evacuees from the epicenter of China’s deadly coronavirus outbreak landed early Wednesday morning at Travis Air Force Base near Fairfield. The first of two flights aboard privately contracted Boeing 747-400s touched down at 3:59 a.m. at the Northern California military installation after its 11½-hour,... Read more
US confirms plane crash in Afghanistan; ‘no indication’ it was downed
The US has confirmed a military plane crashed in Afghanistan on Monday, but rejected claims by the Taliban that the insurgent forces downed the jet. “A U.S. Bombardier E-11A crashed today in Ghazni province, Afghanistan. While the cause of crash is under investigation, there are no indications the crash... Read more
Space Force or Star Fleet? New military branch focused on goals not social media comments
Seth Robson Stars and Stripes It’s fun to talk about Space Force uniforms and blasting troops into orbit, but the first priority for the new service branch is getting capabilities to warfighters, a top Space Force enlisted leader said. Chief Master Sgt. John Bentivegna, senior noncommissioned officer for Combined... Read more
F-35s integrate with Army missile defense for battle concept
The US Army and Air Force F-35s teamed up in New Mexico to test just how well the new plane’s sensor suites could work with missile defense systems. On January 21, Lockheed Martin announced that the proof-of-concept test was a success, using F-35s as manned sensors during an Integrated... Read more
Sikorsky releases new flight footage of their replacement for the Black Hawk
The potential replacement for the UH-60 Black Hawk family of helicopters is shaping up to be one fast-moving contender, reaching over 100 knots in testing and readying to break the proposed 250-knot speed in future trials. The Sikorsky SB-1 Defiant is preparing to challenge their main rival in the... Read more
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