After Iran missiles hit Iraq base, the US military lost contact with multiple Predator drones

It’s a scenario the US trains for but rarely encounters- losing their air superiority edge during an armed confrontation.

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70 former air force cadets handed life terms in Turkey coup trial

An Istanbul court on Friday sentenced 70 former Turkish Air Force cadets to life for their role in a 2016 coup attempt.

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Taiwan’s military chief dies after helicopter crash
Taiwan’s military chief was among eight people who died in a helicopter crash on Thursday in northern Taiwan, the national defence ministry said. The 62-year-old chief of the general staff, Shen Yi-ming, was among the high-ranking officials killed, the ministry told reporters via the social media messaging app LINE.... Read more
Satellite images find unusual objects on flightline near Area 51
Over a dozen mystery objects have appeared on the flightline at Tonopah Test Range- known by many as Area 51. A hive of secret activity since the Cold War days, the base became a site for secret activity, be it flying captured MiGs to test their capabilities to flying... Read more
Super advanced Russian stealth fighter jet crashes, pilot bails and survives
He had to jet. The most advanced Russian stealth fighter jet crashed in the far southeastern part of the country, but the pilot ejected from the aircraft and survived, the Associated Press reported. Russian officials said in a statement Tuesday that one of the 10 Su-57 jets in existence... Read more
Turkey breaches airspace of Greece 40 times in a day, triggering mock dogfights between the NATO allies
Greek air force pilots scrambled to intercept Turkish fighter planes that illegally entered Greece’s airspace 40 times in a single day this week as tensions soar between the NATO allies over a territorial dispute in the eastern Mediterranean. Fighter jets from the two countries on Tuesday engaged in 16... Read more
Document reveals official US position on Pakistan’s F-16s
The United States understood Pakistan’s need to use F-16 fighter jets to defend itself during an Indian intrusion in February this year, shows a document published on Thursday. The document, obtained by the *US News and World Report* magazine, however, also shows that Washington was not happy with Islam­abad’s... Read more
Pentagon halts military training for Saudi Arabian personnel in U.S.
Training operations for all Saudi military personnel in the U.S. has been stopped until further notice in the wake of last week’s deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola. The decision will ground more than 300 Saudi Arabian military aviation students, according to Reuters, which first reported the change.... Read more
Islamic terrorist killed  with “secret CIA” bladed missile that does not explode

The bladed Hellfire missiles of our nightmare struck again, this time hitting a minivan in northwestern Syria.

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Arrival of the Langley marked beginning of an era in Pacific naval aviation
On this day in 1924 the nation’s first aircraft carrier, the Langley, arrived at San Diego to join the Pacific Battle Fleet. The ship was originally built to carry coal for the World War I fighting fleets but had been converted into an experimental aircraft carrier. The Langley was... Read more
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