Navy looking to retire first of four LCS ships despite only being six years old
The US Navy is looking to retire the first of four littoral combat ships, despite being just over half a decade old. Despite a push to reach 335 ships by 2030, the Navy is seemingly more than happy to ditch its LCS fleet, even though many of the ships... Read more
Pentagon again raises injury numbers from January Iranian strike
Washington (dpa) – The US military on Monday once more raised the number of service members it said were injured in an Iranian missile attack on two bases in Iraq in January, with 109 now being diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury. Of these, 76 returned to duty, the... Read more
Watchdog: US reconstruction in Afghanistan cost thousands of lives
Kabul (dpa) – According to a US watchdog, reconstruction and stabilization activities in Afghanistan have left 5,135 people killed or injured. The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) released a report late Monday titled “The human cost of reconstruction” in the war-ravaged country. The incidents happened during... Read more
Turkey sends more reinforcements to ‘control territory’ in Idlib
Istanbul (dpa) – Turkey is boosting its reinforcements to its military observation posts in Idlib province in north-western Syria to control the area, Defence Minister Hulusi Akar says. “We are sending additional troops to implement and ensure the ceasefire,” state news agency Anadolu quoted Akar as saying on the... Read more
Trump brushes off Philippines terminating defense pact after 21 years
  Manila/Washington (dpa) – US President Donald Trump brushed off the decision by the Philippine government to terminate a 21-year defence pact with the United States. “I really don’t mind that,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Wednesday. “It would save us a lot of money,” he... Read more
Army looking to buy 40,000 ‘mixed reality’ goggles
Augmented reality will soon be a standard-issue piece of equipment for several ground fighting units, bringing the future to the forefront of modern warfare. The Army has announced the desire to acquire 40,219 Integrated Visual Augmentation System units (IVAS), which can provide real-time data to the user without hampering... Read more
Video: Syrian helicopter shot down by Turkish-backed rebels
As Turkish-backed rebels clash with Russian-backed Syrian troops loyal to the Assad regime, tensions continue to rise after a rebel group shot down a Soviet-era helicopter belonging to the Syrian military. Video footage obtained from rebel groups shows a Mi-17 Hip transport helicopter disintegrate into a flurry of flame... Read more
Chinese military planes fly past Taiwan for 2nd straight day
Chinese military aircraft were seen near Taiwan on Monday for the second consecutive day, the Ministry of National Defense said, adding that it has been keeping close tabs on the situation. Military spokesman Shih Shun-wen (???) said the ROC Armed Forces have a full grasp of the latest developments... Read more
Philippines notifies the US it is terminating the defense pact after 21 years
Manila (dpa) – The Philippines on Tuesday officially informed the United States it was terminating a 21-year-old defence agreement, despite warnings it could undermine the country’s security. The notice of termination of the 1999 Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) was received by the US Embassy in Manila, said Philippine Foreign... Read more
Iran’s space suits found for sale online, actually $20 costumes
The Iranians are ready for space- but they may want to set their space suit budget above twenty-five dollars. Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, Tehran’s information and communications technology minister, tweeted a photo of what appeared to be an Iranian space suit for future missions. However, upon closer inspection, it was... Read more
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