Iranian navy accidentally shoots one of their ships with a missile, kills 19
Tehran (dpa) – 19 Iranians have been killed and 15 injured during military training exercises in the Strait of Hormuz. A support vessel, “Konawar” was involved in an “accident” on Sunday, the report said. The Konarak had been putting targets out in the water and remained too close to... Read more
Navy bought actual Supersonic Anti-Ship Missiles from Russia to train against them
What do you do when you need to combat an enemy weapons system but can’t do so without understanding it? Well, in America, you buy the enemy’s weapons system. Such a strange tactic was carried out in the mid 1990s when, following frustrations in learning how to accurately develop... Read more
U.S. military forces reports killing 132 civilians in 2019
STUTTGART, Germany — U.S. military forces killed 132 civilians and injured 91 others during operations last year in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia, the Pentagon said. The Defense Department issued its annual assessment Wednesday on civilian casualties as mandated by Congress. The report did not identify any civilian casualties... Read more
75th V-E Day anniversary going virtual as military and WWII veterans mark milestone
Photo: U.S. Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark A. Milley, speaks at a honorary promotion ceremony in honor of Bob Dole at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., May 15, 2019. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Dana Clarke) STUTTGART, Germany — Seventy-five years ago, throngs filled the... Read more
Space Force unveils secret space vehicle that will launch this month in new recruiting video
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Space Force unveiled its first official recruiting commercial Wednesday, featuring scenes from space, rockets launching, military troops in spacesuits and a glimpse of a secretive American space craft the service will launch this month.  In the short video, a young man looks longingly up at... Read more
Army wants soldiers to wear a device that can detect if they have coronavirus
The Army is seeking to rapidly field wearable coronavirus detectors, in a push to get an earlier warning of a virus that has infected nearly 5,000 service members. On Monday, the military put out a $25 million bid through its Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium to develop the device. The... Read more
Six-Day Siege: The 40th anniversary of the SAS’ dashing assault of the Iranian Embassy
While it seems like only yesterday in the minds of many, forty years have passed since a defining moment took place in London- one that would cement the modern legacy of the British Special Air Service as a tier 1 counterterror unit. Sporting a gasmasked look that still remains... Read more
Project Pluto/SLAM/Skyfall- why nuclear-powered cruise missiles are a really bad idea
If the idea of a nuclear-tipped cruise missile that can endlessly fly through the sky looking for a target scares you, it should- and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking of. But such was the bizarre thinking of the militaries of the United States of America and the... Read more
Two former US special forces soldiers captured in Venezuela, involved in a plot against Maduro
Several former American Special Forces operators have been captured, according to reports from US sources and Venezuelan state-run media. The operators, several of which have been identified, were captured during an attempted coup over the weekend and were filmed being led away by Venezuelan security forces. “Among the terrorists... Read more
North and South Korea exchange gunfire across DMZ days after Kim Jong Un reappears
SEOUL, South Korea — North and South Korean troops exchanged gunfire across the heavily fortified border Sunday, the South Korean military said, in the first shooting in the area in more than two years. The incident occurred a day after North Korea released photos of leader Kim Jong Un... Read more
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