Taliban car bomb kills nine at intelligence base in Ghazni
KABUL, Afghanistan — At least nine people died and 40 were wounded in a Taliban attack on a government base Monday, which the insurgents said they launched in response to President Ashraf Ghani’s order for troops to go back on the offensive against them. Taliban fighters blew up a stolen Humvee... Read more
An F-22 Crashed Last Week. Why Can’t We Get More?
The crash of an F-22 Raptor at Florida’s Eglin Air Force Base created a unique problem for the US Air Force over the weekend- the fleet has only 185 Raptors remaining out of the 195 that were built for the USAF. While airframes such as the F-15 and F-16... Read more
One dead, one injured in crash of Canadian Air Force jet in neighborhood
Montreal (dpa) – One person died and another was injured when a Canadian Snowbirds aerobatics jet crashed in a residential street in British Columbia on Sunday, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) said on Twitter. Emergency services in the city of Kamloops were called to reports of a plane... Read more
Hobbyist almost hits Navy Blue Angels with a drone during Detroit flyover
Do you want more drone restrictions? Because this is how how you get more drone restrictions. A recent flyover by the US Navy Blue Angels in the Detroit area drew controversy after a rogue drone operator used his device to get some sweet footage- but endangered the world’s most... Read more
DoD to bailout US space companies failing due to COVID-19 as China looks to invest in them
An American company hoping to help the US Space Force bring internet to the Arctic has gone bankrupt in the midst of the Chinese-started pandemic- and now the US military may help foot the bill to prevent the company from falling into Chinese hands. OneWeb, the company that was... Read more
China preparing to conduct an exercise which will simulate an assault on Taiwanese islands
The People’s Liberation Army is preparing for a gargantuan “training exercise” in the South China Sea, one designed to simulate the assault and takeover of Taiwanese island chains. No longer attempting to hide their future intentions, the Chinese Communist Party will be conducting their exercises via the Southern Theater... Read more
Newborn babies among dozens killed in deadly attacks in Afghanistan
Kabul (dpa) – At least 40 civilians, among them many mothers and babies, were killed in three separate attacks in Afghanistan on Tuesday, officials said. Two separate attacks targeted a civilian hospital in Kabul and a funeral in the eastern province of Nangarhar, in a particularly deadly day in... Read more
Putin bans Russian military from carrying phones, electronic devices
In an age where American military personnel are abusing TikTok despite being told not to use the Chinese-made app, the armed forces of Russia have been effectively banned from using mobile devices while on military operations. The order, which came from President Vladimir Putin himself, comes as Russia struggles... Read more
Searchers find wreck of USS Nevada, the WWII battleship that endured bombs, torpedoes and nukes
The sunken hulk of the USS Nevada has been found off the coast of Hawaii, where the battleship — dubbed “unsinkable” for its endurance through World War II — lay since 1948. Two private firms working together, Search Inc. and Ocean Infinity, discovered the Nevada almost three miles underwater... Read more
Chinese Navy expanding base in Africa, satellite images confirm
The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has stepped up its operations at a base in Africa, as evidenced by satellite imagery. The images show a large increase in activity and construction in Djibouti, one of several African nations that have decided to take PLA expansion seriously in exchange for... Read more
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