Coronavirus meme featuring “WWII donkey” is not what it claims to be
A social media post floating around to convince everyone to “stay home” during the coronavirus pandemic has reached the far corners of the internet- but is it actually all that accurate? The post, which is a block of text captioning a black and white photo of a Soldier carrying... Read more
Leader of ISIS in Afghanistan arrested, security officials say
Photo: Afghan security forces captured Abdullah Orakzai (who goes by Aslam Farooqi) the head of the Islamic State’s Afghanistan affiliate, according to an announcement on Saturday, March 4, 2020, by the country’s National Directorate of Security. AFGHANISTAN’S NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF SECURITY KABUL, Afghanistan — The head of the Islamic... Read more
Ships, aircraft and troops deployed to Caribbean to help stop drug traffickers
WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has deployed several ships, aircraft and thousands of troops to strengthen counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean Sea and eastern Pacific Ocean and help prevent drugs from coming into the United States, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced Wednesday. Esper made the announcement at the White House... Read more
USAF SERE instructor debuts the MA37 from “Halo” video game series
US Air Force SERE instructor and YouTube gun personality Garand Thumb gave us a delightful April 1st joke- one that would make the Master Chief proud. Releasing the video on the day in which everyone likes to lie to each other for fun, Garand Thumb delivered a full-on review... Read more
Chinese ship sinks Vietnamese fishing boat in the South China Sea
Hanoi (dpa) – A Vietnamese fishing boat with eight crew onboard was sunk after being hit by Chinese ship near the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, local authorities said Friday, a move that may increase tension in the South China Sea. “This is the first time... Read more
Russian aircraft arrives with medical aid in New York to fight coronavirus outbreak
New York/Moscow (dpa) – Russian masks and other medical equipment on Wednesday arrived in New York, the epicentre of the US coronavirus outbreak, according to Moscow’s mission to the United Nations. “Russia’s largest cargo aircraft An-124 Ruslan with with medical supplies has just landed at NYC,” the mission tweeted.... Read more
Additional 540 troops heading to US-Mexico border to back up border agents during coronavirus outbreak
AUSTIN, Texas — An additional 540 troops will deploy to the U.S.-Mexico border to back up Border Patrol agents capturing and deporting unlawful migrants during the coronavirus pandemic, Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson said Wednesday. The additional troops were approved for deployment Monday by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, said Lt.... Read more
Pentagon to buy 100K body bags for bodies of those killed by coronavirus
Unfortunately, the Pentagon purchases a lot of body bags under normal circumstances – but never like this. The usual war expense may now be made for civilian use amid the rising death toll in the coronavirus epidemic. Bloomberg News reports the U.S. Defense Department is seeking to provide as... Read more
104-year-old WWII veteran beats the coronavirus, says he’s ready for a haircut
An Oregon veteran who turns 104 today could be one of the oldest people in the world to survive the new coronavirus. William Lapschies, among the first Oregonians known to have the disease, has been declared free of the virus, said daughter Carolee Brown. “He is fully recovered. He... Read more
Company charged millions for pro-America ads that never aired in Afghanistan, lawsuit alleges
Photo: A billboard in Ghazni promotes coalition action in Afghanistan in 2010. The Leonie Group, which produced television, radio and billboard ads in Afghanistan, falsely billed the government for ads that were never disseminated, the company’s former president alleges in a whistleblower lawsuit. JUSTIN HOWE/U.S. ARMY An information operations... Read more
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