Haiti Braces for Dangerous Vote
Former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide took to the streets of Haiti for the first time in a year to rally supporters. Haitians vote for a new president on Sunday Oct. 25, 2015. In mid-October 2015, 15 people died in gun battles involving the Haitian National Police, or HNP, in... Read more
Video — U.S.-Indian War Game
You’d think the United States and India would make natural allies. A majority of Indians say they have a favorable view of America. The world’s two largest democracies, both suspicious of China’s growing military strength, should be the best of friends, right? Not exactly. No formal military alliance exists... Read more
Video — Kurdish Troops Go on the Attack Near Zaghar
The war along the Kurdish front line has, for the most part, settled into a stalemate. It’s been this way for months. Kurdish peshmerga face off with Islamic State and exchange sniper shots, machine gun fire and mortar rounds. But it’s not like that everywhere. On Sept. 11, Kurdish... Read more
Enormous Stakes for America’s Next Stealth Bomber
One of America’s biggest weapons projects is accelerating … largely behind closed doors. Within a matter of weeks the U.S. Air Force could award a contract to begin producing the Long Range Strike Bomber, or LRS-B. The price: hefty. It could cost $80 billion or more. The stakes: big. Not... Read more
U.S. Army Veteran Helps Kurds Who Fight Iran
The FBI and the State Department aren’t happy that U.S. Army veteran Ryan O’Leary has taken up arms with the Kurds in eastern Iraq in their resistance against Iran. He originally went to Iraqi-Kurdistan to help Peshmerga units fighting Islamic State, and then volunteered with an armed faction within the Democratic Party... Read more
The American West Is Burning
America’s western states are suffering from one of the worst wildfire seasons in history. The military has mobilized to aid firefighters battling the blaze. We wanted to see it for ourselves. War Is Boring’s Kevin Knodell recently linked up with troops from the Washington state Army National Guard near... Read more
From t-shirts to coffee mugs, images of the Russian potentate are everywhere by ZACK BADDORF Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin’s approval rating is sky high. Analysts debate whether the numbers are inflated or real. But it wouldn’t be surprising. The Levada Center, which describes itself as an independent research organization, started... Read more
Shyrokyne is on the war’s front line by ZACK BADDORF War Is Boring sent me to eastern Ukraine to report on the war there. Here’s a video report on the situation in Shyrokyne — the latest flash point in the conflict. https://medium.com/media/3871d49845fbfd93d65734e319e80553/href Read more
Video—Inside This Ukrainian Flash Point, Residents Are ‘Cut Off’
War Is Boring sent me to eastern Ukraine to report on the war there. Here’s a video report on the situation in Shyrokyne — the latest flash point in the conflict. At right — Zack Baddorf video. At top — a home destroyed after months of fighting in Shyrokyne.... Read more
We Went on the Front Lines of Ukraine’s War
The first thing I saw when I entered Shyrokyne was a car, shot up and smashed. A dead dog lay next to the wreckage. It was indicative of at least one thing — the war never ended here. In February, Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists signed a piece of paper... Read more

Zack Baddorf


Zack Baddorf is a multimedia journalist with 10 years of video, radio, print, photo and web reporting in more than 30 countries, including Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the West Bank, Kashmir, and Iraq, as well as rebel-held territory in Sri Lanka and Burma. Most recently, Baddorf spent a year working as a civilian videographer for the U.S. special forces command in Afghanistan. Baddorf served for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Romania and worked for a year for an international non-governmental organization in South Sudan doing media development. He served in the U.S. military for five years as a journalist, reporting from across Asia and the Middle East.

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