Livens Projector. World War I engineer changed chemical warfare forever by MITCH SWENSON This article was originally published on Aug. 24, 2014. In 1915 a German U-boat torpedoed the British passenger ship Lusitania, killing more than 1,100 people. The sinking of the ocean liner sparked protests across Western Europe.... Read more
U.S. president Donald Trump aboard the pre-commissioned aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford on March 2, 2017. U.S. Navy photo Trump campaigned sounding like an isolationist — now he’s acting like the opposite by REBECCA GORDON In his inaugural address, President Donald Trump described a dark and dismal United States, a country... Read more
An Axis soldier and tank — a French Somua S-35 — on the Eastern Front in September 1941. German Federal Archives photo The Red Army and the Royal Navy raced to defend Murmansk by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN The Soviet navy during World War II is perhaps best remembered for its vigorous role in the... Read more
A shopkeeper watches as a masked officer stands guard outside a home being searched by the NSS. Matt Cetti-Roberts photo With locals’ help, Iraqi police round up ISIS supporters by MATT CETTI-ROBERTS On a clear, bright winter day in eastern Mosul’s Al Sukar neighborhood, three black painted pickup trucks... Read more
The F-313 in 2013. Fars News photos The F-313 Qaher first appeared in 2013 by DAVID CENCIOTTI Remember the clearly fake, prototype “stealth fighter” that Iran unveiled in 2013? Well, it’s in the final stages of initial production, according to Tehran. Be skeptical. Four years ago, the Iranian government declared the F-313... Read more
Infantes de marina estadounidenses en Tarawa. Imagen de dominio público. La mala planificación, una potencia de fuego anémica y el puro racismo supusieron grandes pérdidas por ROBERT BECKHUSEN Cuando la Infantería de Marina estadounidense desembarcó en la playa de Tarawa el 20 de noviembre de 1943, lo que creyeron que sería... Read more
A B-52 Stratofortress flies overhead of a combined arms live fire demonstration for distinguished visitors during Saber Strike 16 on June 13, 2016 at Adazi Military Base, Latvia. U.S. Army photo/Sgt. Paige Behringer, 10th Press Camp Headquarters Could war with Iran be on Washington’s agenda? by WILLIAM HARTUNG In the... Read more
T12 machine gun. U.S. Army photo Scant evidence remains of an innovative weapon by MATTHEW MOSS Aside from a few U.S. Army Ordnance Corps photographs and several patents, there’s very little documentation for the 1930s-vintage T12 light machine gun. It’s an innovative, historical oddity … that, sadly, is largely lost to history. The... Read more
Russian officials visit the MOX site in 2010. NNSA photo Watchdog groups blast wasteful, delayed MOX facility by LYDIA DENNETT What does it take to get a wasteful government project canceled? That’s the question the Washington, D.C.-based Project On Government Oversight, my employer, has been asking for years about the Mixed Oxide... Read more
The Kurdish town of Sur following violence in mid-2016. Diego Cupolo photo Post-coup Turkey breaks its own laws to suppress the Kurds by NORMA COSTELLO Aydin Ozdemir seems jumpy as he sifts through a sea of beige files before settling on one. “They offered this man 2,000 lira” — that’s $275 — “for his whole shop,”... Read more
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