The Agency’s literary ambitions shaped the industry by DARIEN CAVANAUGH Originally published on May 2, 2015. During the Cold War, Moscow’s Ministry of Culture was a master of censorship. The Kremlin’s cultural bulwark screened non-Russian films, suppressed literature and shaped the lives of Soviet artists. The U.S. Central Intelligence... Read more
Dibujo de Stavatti Stavatti cree que puede fabricar un nuevo avión en torno a la ametralladora del Warthog por DAVID AXE Stavatti, incipiente empresa aeronáutica con sede en Minnesota, ha desempolvado su antigua propuesta para un nuevo avión de ataque con el que sustituir parcialmente al venerable A-10 Warthog... Read more
MP41/44. Source The Swiss produced just 10,000 copies during World War II by MATTHEW MOSS By 1940 it was obvious to the Swiss military that Germany posed a major threat to Switzerland, as the Reich had already ignored the neutrality of numerous countries. As a result, the Swiss began... Read more
Lt. Col. Christine Mau in her F-35 in 2015. U.S. Air Force photo Blame the plane’s ejection seat by TOM DEMERLY On May 7, 2015 at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, Lt. Col. Christine Mau — deputy commander of the U.S. Air Force’s 33rd Fighter Wing Operations Group — became the first... Read more
‘Musashi’ in 1942. Photo via Wikimedia Tokyo’s two ‘Yamato’-class battleships went to the bottom by ROBERT FARLEY Japan withdrew from the London Naval Treaty in 1936. The chief Japanese negotiator, Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, feared that concessions on the part of his negotiating team would lead directly to his assassination... Read more
YBS fighters. Kurdishstruggle photo via Flickr There’s little love for the Peshmerga near Sinjar by A CONTRIBUTOR TO WAR IS BORING Ibrahim and his wife Sevi sit in a dark concrete room in the Yazidi town of Khanasor under the shadow of Iraq’s Sinjar mountain. Despite her bright scarf... Read more
The T-50’s engine compressor stalls. Photo via Wikimedia The problem is with the engines by DAVE MAJUMDAR Russia’s Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA stealth fighter program has suffered another delay. Testing of the powerful new jet’s second stage engine, which was supposed to start later this year, has been pushed back... Read more
Swedish soldiers get muddy during a 2014 exercise in Germany. U.S. Army photo Young Swedes don’t want to join the military by ALBIN ARONSSON & BLAKE FRANKO The Swedish government has had conscription lying dormant since 2010 and finally feels the need to once again press the nation’s youth... Read more
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Photo via Vice Motherboard Latest leaks aren’t totally redacted by JOSEPH COX Journalists, technologists and just those who are curious have been digging through a cache of alleged CIA files that Wikileaks published on March 7, 2017. In its announcement, Wikileaks said it had redacted... Read more
A U.S. coalition forces member pulls security in Baghdad in June 2008. U.S. Air Force photo Politicians and military officers continue to insist the 2007 troop surge was a glorious success. It wasn’t. by DANNY SJURSEN The other day, I found myself flipping through old photos from my time... Read more
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