Soldados suecos se embarran un poco durante unas maniobras en Alemania en 2014. Foto del Ejército de Tierra estadounidense Los jóvenes suecos no quieren ser militares por ALBIN ARONSSON & BLAKE FRANKO El Gobierno sueco ha mantenido aletargado el servicio militar obligatorio desde 2010, pero finalmente se ha visto... Read more
The Japanese diesel-electric submarine ‘Hakuryu’ at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. U.S. Navy photo The only obstacle is that the United States doesn’t actually build them by JAMES HOLMES What madman would propose adding diesel submarines to the U.S. Navy’s all-nuclear silent service? There are a few. The topic came... Read more
Edward Hefron, left, and William ‘Wild Bill’ Guarnere greet a U.S. Army soldier in 2008. USO photo ‘Wild Bill’ Guarnere of the 506th PIR fought from Normandy to the Bulge by DANIEL L. DAVIS I have always been an avid student of history, especially within my then-profession of the... Read more
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks aboard the carrier ‘Gerald R. Ford’ on March 2, 2017. U.S. Navy photo Rebuilding a last-century military to fight last-century wars by MICHAEL T. KLARE If you are an American male of a certain age — Donald Trump’s age, to be exact — you are likely to have... Read more
‘Yasen’-class submarine silhouette. Illustration via Wikimedia ‘Kazan’ prepares to launch by DAVE MAJUMDAR Russia is set to launch its second Yasen-class nuclear-powered attack submarine on March 30. Called Kazan, the new vessel is an upgraded Project 885M design that is in many ways much more capable than the lead... Read more
POGO illustration It’s reckless to hand over billions only to find out the reasons why later by MANDY SMITHBERGER In 1994 Congress passed legislation requiring every federal agency to be auditable. Since then every agency has complied — except for the Department of Defense. “We have known for many years that... Read more
Special troops would have spied on the Soviets by JOSEPH TREVITHICK Originally published on Nov. 11, 2014. For almost three decades during the Cold War, a detachment of American Special Force hid inside the main U.S. Army contingent in Berlin. The specialized troops would have helped keep tabs on... Read more
BRG-15. Source The BRG-15 would have been more powerful than the iconic M2 by MATTHEW MOSS In the early 1980s, Belgian firm Fabrique Nationale launched development of a new heavy machine gun with armor-piercing capability, to replace the legendary Browning M2. The goal — to outshoot the 1950s-vintage Soviet KPV heavy... Read more
Source This gun was a monster by MATTHEW MOSS In early December 1918, Winchester engineer Edwin Pugsley filed a patent for a bolt-action, .50-caliber anti-tank rifle with a rotary locking bolt. The Winchester anti-tank rifle — chambered for the company’s .50 BMG cartridge — could, in theory, perforate 22 millimeters of face-hardened armor... Read more
Modèle 1950. Source The Modèle 1950 solved that problem by MATTHEW MOSS In the early 1950s the French army was equipped with a hodgepodge of sidearms. These included pre-war MAB Model Ds, Modèle 1935As and Modèle 1935Ss — and also Lend-Lease Colt M1911s and captured German pistols such as the P38... Read more
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