All bets are off for 2015 The U.S. Air Force will be prohibited from using any money appropriated in the 2014 budget to retire the A-10 Warthog if the National Defense Authorization Act passes Congress and is signed into law. The flying branch wants to ground all 350 of the low-... Read more
Stuka and Sturmovik — The Aircraft That Inspired the A-10 These legendary World War II bombers made the Warthog what it is today by MICHAEL PECK It’s a good thing that the Air Force generals who want to retire the beloved A-10 Warthog were not around 70 years ago. If they were, Josef Stalin might... Read more
Greek Anarchist in Athens. photo Weapon stashes, press crackdowns, militant manifestos and more riots The decline of the Greek economy has had polarizing effects on the nation’s political system—and tensions are running high. Now police in Greece are on high alert after a new anarchist group claimed responsibility for killing... Read more
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