Militants Are Raping Yezidi Women as They Flee — Then Shooting Them Four Yezidi survivors recount Islamic State’s rampage Around Aug. 7, Islamic State militants broke through Kurdish lines near the town of Hamdaniya in northern Iraq. As the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters fell back, hundreds of thousands of civilians fled for their lives—including... Read more
Oh No—Russian Troops Near Ukraine Are Painting ‘Peacekeeper‘ on Their Tanks Peacekeeper guise is a possible sign of impending invasion We don’t know what’s going to happen in eastern Ukraine, where for five months government forces have battled Russian-backed separatists while Russian troops, having already seized Crimea, mass on the border.... Read more
We’re Scared of the Wrong Things Americans freak out over small threats and ignore big ones The world—it seems—is on the verge of collapse. Wars rage in Africa and the Middle East. The Ebola virus spreads across West Africa. Edward Snowden, Chinese hackers and Anonymous make a mockery of national cyber... Read more
An Indian TV Crew Filmed Hamas Bombarding Israel — And Lived to Broadcast Militants’ rocket launches rarely appear in the media What a strange conflict Gaza has been. On the one hand, countless videos and photos have depicted Israeli soldiers, Israeli tanks and Israeli Iron Dome missiles in action. And especially Israeli... Read more
A Cash-Strapped Corps Once Tried Training Marines With ‘Doom’ ‘Marine Doom’ is all guns, gore and gung ho! by MATTHEW GAULT In the mid ‘90s the Marine Corps decided Doom II might make for an excellent training supplement. It did so for two reasons—a forward-thinking commandant and a budgetary shortfall. The Marines... Read more
Your Health! My Pursuit! China’s Hospital Ship Propaganda Posters Sing-alongs, massages and Deng Xiaoping Earlier this month, War is Boring took a guided tour of China’s hospital ship Peace Ark, docked at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickham for the biennial Rim of the Pacific exercises. We saw a modern ship—albeit heavily... Read more
Sorry, U.S. Marines Invading Mexico Won’t End the Immigration Crisis As if occupying Baghdad weren’t bad enough—some people want to conquer Tijuana, too Here’s a brilliant idea for solving America’s illegal immigration problem. Let’s invade Mexico. No, this is not a joke, although it should be. Nor is it the brainchild... Read more
Soul music, protest & Nikki Giovanni During the Vietnam conflict, soul music accompanied both the anti-war movement and the overlapping struggle for black civil rights. Many R&B and soul musicians abandoned their traditional subjects—love and heartbreak—and replaced them … with protest. They transformed the genre over the objections of some music executives.... Read more
New mutant movie is uncannily good X-Men: Days of Future Past is good. Very good. It’s the best X-Men movie to date. I never thought they’d pull this off. In the comics, The Days of Future Past is a defining X-Men story arc. It’s one of the best superhero comic... Read more
But peace could be short-lived Last week, the warring parties in South Sudan signed a new peace deal in Ethiopia. The agreement could be an important step towards a power sharing agreement in spite of continued fighting. But the agreement does little to address the underlying deficiencies and tensions... Read more
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