Third P-51 Accident in a Month Kills Famous Airshow Pilot
Widely-admired airshow pilot Vlado Lenoch and airport manager Bethany Root died in the crash of a P-51D Mustang at around 10:15 in the morning on July 16, 2017, in Atchison County, Kansas. The crash occurred 15 minutes after Lenoch and Root departed Amelia Earhart Airport. Lenoch was 64 and... Read more
The Soviets Got an American F-5 Fighter From Vietnam
It’s no secret that the United States has flown captured — or otherwise acquired — Soviet and Russian aircraft for test, evaluation and training. The Soviet Union returned the favor. The RT video below contains some quite famous footage of a U.S.-made Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter — formerly stationed... Read more
Philippine OV-10s Bomb ISIS
Philippine air force OV-10 Bronco light-attack planes have bombed Maute and Abu Sayyaf insurgents – all associated with Islamic State — in the city of Marawi. The militants seized the city in May 2017. On May 23, Philippine special operations units launched a house-to-house operation to liberate the city.... Read more
Watch a Russian Fighter Corral American Bombers and Tankers
In yet another sensational encounter between U.S. and Russian aircraft, two B-1B Lancer bombers from the 28th Bomb Wing, a B-52H Stratofortress bomber from the 2nd Bomb Wing — both deployed to RAF Fairford in the United Kingdom — and a KC-135R Stratotanker aerial-refueling aircraft from the 459th Air... Read more
Shot Down in a Hail of Flak in an A-20 Bomber
Hurtling headlong into a vertical hail of razor-sharp shrapnel from the constant drum of enemy ack-ack, the Douglas A-20G light bomber crew wrestles the flight controls as their aircraft bucks wildly on turbulent eruptions of rising hot air at impossibly low altitude. It’s Oct. 16, 1944 over Bologna, Italy.... Read more
China Wants to Sell Attack Helicopters to the World
Chinese aircraft company AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group debuted its new Z-19E Black Whirlwind attack helicopter during the type’s first flight at Harbin Airport in northeastern China on May 17, 2017. The first flight of the Z-19E, also known as the AH-19E in Chinese media, entailed a simple lift-off... Read more
Russian Warplanes Gathered Over Moscow to Honor World War II Dead
Silence cloaked Red Square in Moscow on May 9, 2017. You could hear the cold air moving between the ranks of silent soldiers standing at attention. Their tanks, missile launchers and artillery sat motionless. The quiet continued for 60 seconds. A tribute to the millions of lives the Soviet... Read more
North Korea Pretends to Shoot Down a U.S. Bomber
North Korea released a propaganda video on March 21, 2017, just a day before the reclusive regime tried again to test a ballistic missile. The amateurish video depicts North Korean forces attacking the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, shooting down a U.S. Air Force B-1 bomber and,... Read more
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