Los soldados alemanes no confían en su fusil de asalto
Todo el mundo ha escuchado hablar del formidable fusil de asalto alemán, el G36, sucesor del fiable G3. Ambas armas son productos de Heckler & Koch. Puedes encontrarte el G3 en todas partes del mundo, ya que este fusil se encuentra entre los cinco más vendidos. El G36 es... Read more
German Troops Replaced Their Armored Vehicles’ Grenade Launchers With Broomsticks
The German army has a long history with armored personnel carriers. It’s most numerous APC is the 1980s-vintage TPz Fuchs. But during the 1990s, Berlin decided to buy a newer, more heavily-armored transport. Germany worked with France and Britain to develop its next armored utility vehicle. France pulled out... Read more
German Advisers Train Kurdish Troops With Battle Rifles
Last August, Germany pledged weapons to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State. It looks like Berlin made good on its promise. A small arms batch consisting of G36 and G3 rifles has filtered to the front lines, with Kurdish forces using them around Shingal and Sinjar. Photos released by the... Read more
The Long, Sad Tale of Germany’s Botched Helicopter Buy
As early as the mid-1980s, German army aviation needed new helicopters. Its Vietnam-era Bell UH-1s and Sikorsky CH-53s had seen better days. France, West Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom got together in 1985 and drafted a scheme to develop a new fly-by-wire, multipurpose helicopter—the NH90. The... Read more
German Soldiers Don’t Trust Their Battle Rifle
Everyone has heard of the formidable German assault rifle, the G36—the successor to the reliable G3. Both are Heckler & Koch products. You can find the G3 all around the world, as the rifle is in the top five for small arms sales. The G36 is different. It’s actually... Read more
A History-Making Arms Transfer, Devised in Secrecy, Executed With Typical German Efficiency
On Aug. 31, the German government announced its decision to provide military aid to the Kurdish Peshmerga battling Islamic State militants in Iraq. It’s a first in German history—and one with serious political implications. There was no public debate or any previous announcement hinting at the coming arms deal.... Read more
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