German Combat Divers Are Busy on Land and Underwater
It’s one of the toughest commando units you’ve probably never heard of. The Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine is Germany’s answer to the U.S. Navy SEALs. The KSM—or Navy Special Forces Commando in English—is a relatively recent designation for a special operations force with decades of experience. The first West German... Read more
Germany Still Loves Its Tanks
Since first sending small numbers of unwieldy A7Vs into combat on the Western Front in March 1918, German armor designers have produced some of the finest tanks in history. There were the early Panzers that spearheaded Blitzkrieg warfare in the early years of World War II, and the Panther... Read more
America’s Scorpion Jet Fighter Could Fly in Asia and Africa
When Textron AirLand first announced the Scorpion—a lightweight surveillance and strike aircraft—last year, it raised a few eyebrows. Now the American company is talking about the first two potential customers for the diminutive jet. Namely, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. Neither country has bought the Scorpion … yet. But... Read more
It Took a While, but Brazil’s Finally Getting a New Fighter
Buying a new jet fighter can be a long-drawn-out process. Brazil, after many years of planning and procrastination, has finally signed a contract for its future combat aircraft. Officials from the Brazilian Defense Ministry’s Aeronautics Command and the Swedish Saab Group put pen to paper recently, and the Brazilian... Read more
Fearing Russia, One of Europe’s Smallest Armies Just Bought a Bunch of Armored Vehicles
At a time when militaries around the world continue to ditch expensive, heavy, inflexible armored forces in favor of cheaper, lighter and more transportable combat vehicles, the Baltic state of Latvia has just picked up more than 100 surplus armored vehicles from the United Kingdom. The British Ministry of... Read more
The Spiny Dogfish Might Be the World’s Best Naval Gunship
Russia’s latest naval attack helicopter just might be the most fearsome ever. Moscow means to deploy the navalized adaptation of the coaxial-rotor Kamov Ka-52 aboard the Russian navy’s controversial, French-built amphibious assault ships. Without doubt, the current gold standard for maritime attack helos is the U.S. Marine Corps’ Bell... Read more
Russia Brings Together Some of the World’s Best Fighter Pilots
Chinese and Russian fighter pilots have been testing their skills in an unprecedented series of maneuvers in southeast Russia. Some observers have billed the Aviadarts exercise as a Russian Top Gun—a reference to the U.S. Navy’s fighter tactics schoolhouse, which the sailing branch established after losing a shocking number... Read more
The Best Air-to-Air Missile in the World Is in Sweden
The air force of neutral Sweden may not be one of the big-hitters in terms of global power projection. Indeed, it has barely even undertaken combat operations. When Swedish jets went into action over Libya in 2011, during Operation Unified Protector, the government only allowed them to fly reconnaissance... Read more
We’ve Spotted Japan’s New Stealth Fighter
Japan is working on a homegrown stealth fighter. It’s called the ATD-X. And we apparently just got our first glimpse of the prototype. In mid-June, a blurry photo appeared on a Chinese Internet forum, purporting to depict the first ATD-X demonstrator aircraft outside a hangar in Tokyo. The Japanese... Read more
Russia’s Backfire Bomber Is Back!
There’s no bomber quite like a Backfire. In many ways, Russia’s Tu-22M3 is a Cold War throwback. An intermediate-range, variable-geometry machine, the Tupolev design really gave NATO planners headaches in the 1970s and ’80s. If the Cold War had turned hot, Tu-22Ms would have attacked high-profile targets including American... Read more
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