Incesantes combates, y muchas condecoraciones en secreto, para los operadores especiales estadounidenses
Desde el 11S, prácticamente la quinta parte de las Cruces al Mérito Militar y las Estrellas de Plata que las Fuerzas Armadas estadounidenses han concedido a sus miembros por heroismo en combate se han entregado en secreto, informaba el USA Today a principios de... Read more
Relentless Combat, and Many Secret Awards, for America’s Special Operators
Since 9/11, nearly a fifth of the Distinguished Service Crosses and Silver Stars that the U.S. military has awarded to service members for heroism in battle were handed out in secret, USA Today reported in early March. For one simple reason. The missions the troops were on when they... Read more
Here’s How Islamic State Gets Its Bombs
Islamic State builds its improvised explosive devices using components from 51 different companies in 20 countries. That’s the startling conclusion of a new report from Conflict Armament Research. “These findings support growing international awareness that forces in Iraq and Syria are very much self-sustaining — acquiring weapons... Read more
The Terrible Geography of the Syrian Civil War
The geography of Syria complicates efforts to end the nearly five-year-old war in the country. With deserts in the south and the great plains of the fertile crescent in the east, there are only two main stretches of strategic importance in Syria — the coastal plains and mountains of... Read more
Gulf Monarchies Love Mercenaries
In an attempt to bolster its ground operations in Yemen, the Saudi-led coalition has contracted 800 former Colombian soldiers as part of the fight for Aden against militant factions linked to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic State.  It is unclear which state contracted the fighters,... Read more
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