Mexico’s Baddest Drug Lord Is Getting His Own TV Show
You’d be remiss to watch Breaking Bad and not take an interest in the booming number of Spanish-language cartel dramas. Now one of the writers behind some of the biggest “narco-novela” hits is working on a drama based on Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, arguably the world’s... Read more
Video: Afghans Throw Rocks at Crashed Predator Drone
Here’s the symbol for American drones the Pentagon would rather the world not see. In the video below, which appeared on Facebook in recent days, Afghan villagers are seen throwing rocks at a crashed, unmarked MQ-1 Predator drone. Aside from the bizarre imagery of the destroyed machine being pelted... Read more
Kremlin Condemns Ukraine Protests, Flirts With Russia’s Far Right Friends
It’s no secret the Kremlin aids ultra-nationalist groups inside Russia—mainly as means to co-opt anti-immigrant groups, extremist political parties and skinheads gangs. But in recent years, Russia’s flirting with the far right has extended beyond its borders to include an obscure Italian think tank staffed by committed neo-Nazi ideologues.... Read more
A Special Forces Commando Is Russia‘s New Social Media Star
Russia’s social media stars run the gamut from political activists to globe-trotting Web designers. So it’s only a little odd that one of the country’s top new bloggers is a member of an army special forces team in the restive Ingushetia Republic. Known only as “Hardingush”—that’s short for “Hard... Read more
Here’s Another Thing the British Military Can’t Do Anymore
The British military just keeps dwindling. IHS Jane’s reports that the Royal Air Force has retired its only dedicated anti-radiation missile used to destroy enemy radars. The news might seem relatively minor. But the ability to suppress and destroy enemy radars is crucial, particularly with Russia and China developing... Read more
U.S. Special Forces Train for Guerrilla War in North Korea
Every year, the U.S. and South Korea team up for one of the world’s largest military exercises. Thousands of troops backed by fighter aircraft, strategic bombers and Navy warships plan for the worst. But America’s elite Special Operations Forces are also involved—planning for the day when they might be... Read more
The Suez Canal Isn’t Safe From Egypt’s Simmering Insurgency
The Sinai Peninsula is swarming with Egyptian soldiers—a response to the spread of a small but growing insurgency which emerged after the 2011 revolution and exacerbated by the toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in a 2013 coup. Since, dozens of Islamist militant groups have together been responsible... Read more
Texas Has Its Own Spy Plane—Here’s How to Track It Online
A spy plane normally used for secretive military operations over Africa and Afghanistan has begun its first flights over … Texas. Meet the Pilatus PC-12 NG Spectre: a single-engine, Swiss-built plane the Texas Department of Public Safety purchased two years ago. Its mission: patrol the Mexican border. Now the plane... Read more
Bzzt! Military Wants to Protect Satellites from EMP Weapons
Electromagnetic pulse attacks are one of those things that keep some military officials wide awake at night—and put others soundly asleep. It all depends on who you’re talking about. For the former, including a number of doomsayers, missile-defense boosters and prominent politicos, the risk is that a rogue state... Read more
Seven Autocrats Backed by U.S. Military Aid
Autocrats. Potentates. Plutocrats. It’s no exaggeration to say the U.S. has a lot of less-than-democratic friends around the world. Some of them came to power by killing their rivals. Others came to power through elections only to fix the next vote—or employed autocratic means to consolidate control under the... Read more

Robert Beckhusen

Managing Editor

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