Tijuana’s Morgue Is Overflowing
Forensic authorities in Tijuana are overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of violence. Buried in mass graves without being identified, the victims add up to the list of tens of thousands of people who have gone missing since the beginning of the war on drugs. Martín de la Cruz Roja... Read more
Believe It or Not, Russia Dislikes Relying on Military Contractors
On Jan. 28, the Duma began discussing the possibility of legalizing private military companies in Russia. The law, which counts influential vice prime minister Dmitry Rogozin as a supporter, has one major goal — to ensure that Iraqi oil fields where Russian firms Rosneft and Gazprom operate no longer... Read more
What’s Up With Russia’s Mysterious Il-76 Airlifter Over Syria?
On Sept. 15, 2015, right in the middle of Russia’s military buildup in Syria, a plane appeared on Flight Radar, a Website specializing in tracking planes all over the world. The Il-76, a Soviet-era transport plane, was briefly located south of Homs, heading east, before disappearing. The plane was... Read more
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