No, Instagram Doesn’t Prove Russian Troops Are in Ukraine
It’s one of the world’s biggest open secrets that Russian troops are fighting in eastern Ukraine. But here’s a great example of the wrong way to prove it. On July 31, Buzzfeed published a story covering the exploits of Sgt. Alexander Sotkin, a communications specialist in the Russian army... Read more
Now You Too Can Be a World War I Historian
One hundred years after the beginning of World War I, the British National Archive has launched an ambitious project to sift through and classify its vast trove of records from that world-spanning conflict. It’s asking everyday people to help. Operation War Diary is a collaboration between the Archive, the... Read more
No War in Ukraine, Please, We’re British
British Foreign Secretary William Hague visited Kiev on Sunday afternoon to show solidarity with the new Ukrainian government in its showdown with Russia. But a journalistic scoop on Monday seemed to prove that Hague’s demonstration was, in fact, totally hollow. The U.K. has no intention of backing Ukraine with... Read more
Royal Air Force Deploys Bomber, Radar Plane Against Flood
On Nov. 4 last year, a powerful storm surge the east coast of England. A network of flood defenses begun in the 1950s mitigated the effects—but worse was to come. The surge heralded a sustained and dangerous period of unstable weather, with multiple low-pressure systems sweeping across the British... Read more
American Strategy Isn’t Working—Ukraine Is Proof
The scene in Kiev’s Independence Square was nothing short of apocalyptic as night fell on Ukraine’s capital late on Monday. Nearly overwhelmed by pro-government riot police and paramilitaries, protesters campaigning for the Ukraine to ally with the European Union set fire to their encampments. Walls of fire blocked access... Read more
If Scotland Votes for Independence, It’s Going to Need an Army
This year voters in Scotland will decide whether to remain within the United Kingdom. Scottish sovereignty rides on two things: any eventual negotiations between London and Edinburgh and the gradually evolving position of the Scottish National Party, the primary backer of the independence bid. And if it happens, the... Read more
For Nine Months, Kids in Bosnia Were Citizens of Nowhere
On a warm morning in early June 2013, thousands of people swarmed into Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Some were parents pushing prams—that’s “strollers” to you Americans—while others held banners and chanted. They gathered in the square outside of the parliament building and fanned out. Before long they had... Read more
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