Russia Just Shelled Ukraine
Russian forces on Russian soil have fired on government troops inside Ukraine, according to commercial satellite imagery that the U.S. State Department has circulated. The Digital Globe imagery dated July 23 depicts Russian self-propelled artillery in unprepared firing positions aimed at a nearby Ukrainian military unit. A separate battle-damage... Read more
First Video of American Drone Over Iraq
Handheld footage appears to show a U.S. Predator drone in the sky over Anbar province in western Iraq. The video went live on Youtube on July 24. The drone appears to be armed with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. In 2011, at least 21 Predators moved from Iraq to Kuwait’s Ali... Read more
Human Rights Held Up American Drone Base
Satellite imagery from Digital Globe suggests that work at a secretive drone base in Ethiopia may have been delayed for at least a year due to human rights issues. The U.S. Air Force has been using the base at Arba Minch airport since early 2011. The flying branch reportedly... Read more
Iran’s New Version of the Predator Drone Is Prowling Over Syria
An unknown Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, possibly Iran’s Shahed-129 or a variant, appears to be operational in the skies over Damascus, according to several videos uploaded by Free Syrian Army sources. FSA-affiliated sources posted footage of the UAV on April 10. The drone—roughly similar to America’s Predator UAV—was reportedly flying... Read more
China’s Undersea Nuke Arsenal Could Match U.K. and France
Imagery from Oct. 10, 2013 shows a Type 094 Jin-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine at a dry dock in Huludao, in northeastern China. If confirmed, this would be the fifth Type 094 hull observed on satellite imagery. The Jin-class boats are the Chinese navy’s first credible sea-based nuclear deterrent.... Read more
We Found This British Drone’s Secret Test Site
Satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe appears to show the BAE-built Taranis stealth drone at Australia’s Woomera airfield. BAE Systems, a British defense and aerospace company, revealed earlier in February that the Taranis unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator successfully completed its maiden flight at an undisclosed test location in Australia... Read more


Former Intel Officer with the National-Geospatial Intel Agency. Global Markets, Commodities, Risk Analysis, Arms Transfers, London School of Economics Grad.

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