In War-Ravaged Southern Turkey, a Man Searched for His Missing Brother
Sakir Gokalp knew the procedure. His mother was dead and his elderly father couldn’t face the trips to morgue. Plus, he had seen mutilated bodies before. “They cut their noses, they cut their eyes, their mouths — everything,” Gokalp said. “One boy was run over by tanks. His body... Read more
Turkey’s Proxies Attack America’s Allies in Syria
A slither of land sandwiched between the the Kurdish controlled enclaves of Kobane and Afrin in northern Syria is fast becoming the country’s most volatile tinderbox. The small area between the Kurdish cantons is home to a multi-ethnic group of Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen and is, in a sense,... Read more
Despair, Broken Bodies — The Real Cost of Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal
The first time Wael saw his reflection in the mirror, his world fell apart. “I didn’t look at my face for two years,” the 28-year-old from Yemen explains. “When I saw myself, I was destroyed. I completely lost myself.” Wael is one of the many Yemeni patients receiving treatment... Read more
Turkish Jets Blasted America’s Kurdish Allies in Karakoc
The rumble of Turkish jets taking off from the Kurdish city of Diyarbakir has become a banal muzak for the city’s wearied residents. Numbers are dialed, warnings are given and life proceeds — under the heavy presence of Turkish troops. Hasan, a middle aged Kurdish activist smiles slyly as... Read more
In South Sudan, Thousands Rely on Fragile Protection Camps for Survival
In a refugee camp in South Sudan’s capital Jub, Jikany Kuol  awaits the rain in a tiny shack cobbled together with pieces of corrugated iron and U.N. tarp. “Our people are fed up with fighting,” he laments as the Chinese soldiers guarding the camp look on despondently. “The people... Read more
The Kurds Are Fighting Islamic State, So Why Isn’t America Helping Them?
Charred buildings are all that remain of the Christian homes seized by Islamic State when the militant group attacked Iraq’s plains of Nineveh two years ago. Now, the small town Assyrian town of Telskuf is a base for Kurdish Peshmerga forces who recaptured it in August 2014 and now... Read more
Turkey’s War With the Kurds Is Getting Bloodier by the Day
Mohammed Ekinci still has nightmares. “We were standing here,” he says, gesturing to a small garden in front of the Amara Culture Center in Suruc, southern Turkey. “Everyone was running,” the tall science student says. “They were covered in blood. I could see body parts in the trees we... Read more
For Drone Pilots and Journalists, How Much Vicarious War Is Too Much?
When former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced drone operators would receive new Distinguished Warfare Medals he couldn’t have predicted the backlash. The reviled “Nintendo medal” was designed to honor drone operators, who — despite being far removed from the physical risks of war — were nonetheless directly involved in combat. The... Read more
Fleeing a Restricted Zone, Witnesses Describe Turkish Military Brutality
Civilians looking for help filled the small offices of the neighborhood council in Sur, a Kurdish district in Turkey’s volatile southeast. Old women huddled together as officials took names, addresses and requests for assistance. “I come here because I have psychological problems. Look at me,” 28-year-old Yeter Kaya said, pulling down her... Read more
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