Made in America. Dead in Mexico. The massacre of a family this week highlights ‘grave problem’ of gun smuggling
Like a rifle shot echoing in a canyon, the slaughter of nine women and children this week by suspected cartel members in Mexico has reemphasized the lethal role of U.S.-manufactured firearms in narco violence south of the border. The members of the LeBaron family – three women and six... Read more
Trump considering attending Putin’s military parade- Kamala Harris trolls him about ‘meeting supporters’
Nothing like a good old-fashioned display of Russian military might to get President Trump hyped. Out of the blue, Trump inexplicably floated the idea of accepting an invitation from President Vladimir Putin to attend the annual Victory Day parade in Red Square. “It’s a very big deal, celebrating the... Read more
A massacre in Mexico requires an American response. Here is what it should be

Like all Americans, we’re sickened by Monday’s brutal murder of three women and six children—almost certainly by members of a Mexican drug cartel—as they traveled by car along a highway near Bavispe in the state of Sonora, about 300 miles southwest of El Paso.

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US Army is working on a laser that can incinerate enemy drones

The US Army is working on a laser that can incinerate enemy drones, missiles and other threats that threaten mechanized units- and the thing runs at over 50 kilowatts.

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Dutch admit killing civilians during airstrike targeting ISIS in 2015
The Dutch government said Monday that civilians were also killed in a 2015 airstrike on the Islamic State extremist militia in northern Iraq. Seventy people were killed by a bomb dropped by a Dutch F-16 fighter in al-Hawija, including an unknown number of Islamic State fighters. The target of... Read more
Robotic mules to lighten the load for Army’s infantrymen

Loads are about to get lighter for the Army’s infantrymen as plans are accelerated to deliver robotic pack mules to ground troops.

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Sentenced to death – Saddam Hussein found guilty of war crimes on this day in 2006
On Nov. 5, 2006, dictator Saddam Hussein was found guilty of the murder of 148 people in Dujail, north of Baghdad, and sentenced to death by hanging. On that day, according to the New York Times, “Spontaneous celebrations broke out across Iraq in spite of an around-the-clock curfew imposed... Read more
Trump says he wants to keep Syria’s oil. Here’s the problem

The convoy of U.S. armored vehicles headed east, Stars and Stripes flapping in the wind as it lumbered toward its apparent destination — the oil fields of Rumeilan, in Syria’s far northeast.

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Electric Boat, Navy agree to a minimum of nine submarines over next five years
The Navy and Electric Boat have come to an agreement on a multi-year contract for the next group of Virginia-class attack submarines the service intends to buy. The value of the contract will not be released until it is finalized, which is expected at the end of this year,... Read more
Turkey sending captured ISIS terrorists back to the countries they came from
Turkey will return previously detained terrorists of the ‘Islamic State’ (IS) group to their countries of origin, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said, Trend reports referring to Turkish media Nov. 4. Soylu noted that Turkey doesn’t intend to keep these terrorists even if they are deprived of their citizenship.... Read more
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