Marines train in newly built “world” that rivals Disney’s new Star Wars park
When US Marines want to train in realistic environments but can’t arrange a trip to the desert, they utilize a facility that would make Disney Imagineers envious. Known as the Infantry Immersion Trainer (ITT) the facility is an indoor landscape that looks, sounds, smells and feels like the typical... Read more
F-35s land in Latvia for first time, operate along Russia border
The US Air Force is operating F-35s near the Russian border, making a temporary tour stop in the tiny nation of Latvia. The Utah-based F-35s, which belong to the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings, made a “hot pit” refueling at Lielvarde Air Base earlier this week while participating in... Read more
Airmen’s prank on Apollo 12 crew led to pornography being brought to the moon
In 1969, man landed on the moon during two separate missions, Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. During each mission, two of the three mission crew members walked on the lunar surface, performing experiments and several “firsts” for mankind. Unlike the super-serious Apollo 11, Apollo 12 is remembered by many... Read more
Another soldier’s remains returning ‘home’ to Ohio after 69 years
Stevie Rose never met her uncle, Roger Lee Woods, but through the letters he mailed to his father, she understood what was going through his mind during the Korean War. Twice in his hand-written letters, Woods asked about his sister, JoAnn, and the baby she was carrying. That girl... Read more
After 16 years of war and red tape, an Iraqi interpreter becomes an American citizen
The man who called himself Eagle labored over his answers. Becoming an American citizen requires a lot of questions. There’s the basic: employment, spouse, family. Then there are the ones that get down to the nitty gritty. Have you ever been a member of or associated with a terrorist... Read more
SpaceX is launching 152 human remains into space
The third launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy features a variety of payloads from science experiments and satellites, but along for the ride are more than 150 humans, well a small part of them. Celestis, a company that has been sending symbolic portions of human remains on space flights... Read more
Zoosk Protects Military Members From Romance Scams
This is a sponsored post. Let’s face it: dating is hard, especially if you’re in the military. Even if you’re not currently serving, finding the time to even “get out there” seems to be a rare event, forcing many people to look for relationships online. While online dating has... Read more
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