GPS Not Working? Try Using Lightning to Find Your Way
Next time your GPS goes down, here’s an alternative way to find out where you are. Use lightning strikes. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon’s futuristic tech lab, is working on the idea. In fact, DARPA has five programs underway to help soldiers find their way when... Read more
Sorry, U.S. Marines Invading Mexico Won’t End the Immigration Crisis
Here’s a brilliant idea for solving America’s illegal immigration problem. Let’s invade Mexico. No, this is not a joke, although it should be. Nor is it the brainchild of Texas governor Rick Perry, who merely wants to deploy National Guard troops along the border. Robert Kozloski, a Navy program... Read more
C-130s for Afghanistan Leave Auditors Scratching Their Heads
The Pentagon’s plan to give C-130s to the Afghan air force has perplexed U.S. government auditors. The Defense Department wants to donate four of the four-engine transports. The Afghans already have two—and they can neither maintain them nor even find use for them, according to a report by the... Read more
This Laser-Guided Bullet Is a Sniper’s Bloody Dream
The Pentagon’s fringe-science Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has just released a video of its Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, or EXACTO, in action. In plain English, that’s a laser-guided bullet. The video depicts a target … and another aim point a couple feet to the right. The EXACTO bullet arcs... Read more
The Pentagon’s Cyberwarfare Dictionary Reveals Hack Lingo, Tactics
Every profession has its own language. And when there’s a language, there must be a dictionary. So with the U.S. military aggressively embracing cyberwarfare—whatever that means—why shouldn’t the Pentagon also create its own cyberwarfare dictionary? The Website Public Intelligence, which likes to unveil hidden documents, has posted U.S. Strategic... Read more
Someone Dared to Make Fun of These Murderous Islamic Terrorists
Some very funny—and perhaps very reckless—Palestinians have shot a video parodying the ultra-violent militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The comedy short portrays a couple of dimwitted ISIS fighters at a checkpoint. They quiz travelers on on Islamic trivia such as the hadith or the sayings of... Read more
U.S. Navy Discovers That Sailors Need Sleep
Did you ever work a job that required two people, but your stingy employer insisted that one was enough? Then you understand the problem with the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship. One of the LCS’s supposed advantages is its much smaller crew compared to other vessels. Where a Navy frigate... Read more
Sorry, Peaceniks—Nonviolence Won’t Stop ISIS
Tanks couldn’t stop the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Neither could artillery or helicopters. Not even Hezbollah’s well-trained fighters have succeeded in crushing the militant Islamists who conquered much of western Iraq in June. So why would holding hands and singing “Kumbaya” defeat ISIS’ head-chopping, enemy-crucifying fanatics? Yet... Read more
The U.S. Names Lots of Weapons After Native Americans
There’s been something of a public furor lately over the Pentagon’s tradition of naming military aircraft after Native American tribes. Critics claim the monikers are insulting—just as some believe that naming sports teams “Redskins” or “Indians” is derogatory. Others argue that it’s an honor to have a helicopter or... Read more
The Ukrainian Rebels’ New Weapon Is a World War II Tank
Ukraine’s anti-government rebels have been getting help from Russia. Now they may be getting help from Josef Stalin. Or rather, a JS-3 Stalin heavy tank dating back to World War II. The Stalin tank in question is a museum piece in more way than one. It’s actually sitting on... Read more
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