Watch the Pentagon’s Stealth Tank Leap Over Bombs
Last week, we brought you word of the Pentagon’s plan for a stealth tank. Now we can show you the amazing feats the Ground X-Vehicle supposedly will accomplish—if the concept works. That’s a big if. A talented artist at the U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center... Read more
This New Backpack Robot Can Clear Minefields
The U.S. Army is developing a robot that can scout enemy positions or detonate improvised explosive devices—and yet is small enough to fit into a soldier’s backpack. The Army has said that not having such man-portable robots resulted in a “disproportionate number of casualties” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Troops... Read more
How in the World Do You Make a Tank Stealthy?
The Pentagon’s future tank could resemble a stealth fighter jet more than an armored behemoth like the current M-1 Abrams. The military wants a vehicle that can survive lethal anti-tank missiles, but without having to haul around so much armor plate that it can barely move. It should also... Read more
Iraqis and Kurds Counterattack as Air Strikes Batter Islamic State
Just 10 days ago, Islamic State’s advance through Iraq seemed unstoppable. The militants had routed the Iraqi army and captured its American-supplied armor and artillery. Now U.S. air strikes have helped to halt the Islamists. But that doesn’t mean Islamic State is finished. This war probably is just beginning.... Read more
Countdown to the Guns of August
There was no reason for Europe to commit suicide. As diplomatic historian Gordon Martel points out in The Month That Changed the World: July 1914, there was no compelling reason for the great powers of Europe to go to war in the summer of 1914. The traditional reasons that... Read more
No, Iran Is Not Building Iron Dome
Iran says it’s building a missile-defense system. “The latest mid- and long-range missile defense systems will be unveiled on Sept. 22,” an Iranian air defense commander told the semi-official Fars News Agency. He described the new weapons as including “combined systems, artillery and radar systems other new systems.”... Read more
The Greatest Escape of World War II Was Japanese
In the dead of night on Aug. 5, 1944, a mob of screaming prisoners stormed the barbed-wire perimeter of the Cowra prisoner-of-war camp. For 10 days, soldiers and police hunted hundreds of armed escapees wandering the countryside. This was the biggest POW escape of World War II. Yet many... Read more
This Monstrous Soviet Missile Helicopter Would Have Been a Flying Nightmare
The Soviet Union considered building a massive helicopter that could launch surface-t0-air missiles in mid-air. The advent of vertical-landing “jump jet” warplanes inspired the idea, Yefim Gordon and Sergey Komissarov write in Unflown Wings: Unbuilt Soviet/Russian Aircraft Projects Since 1925. Jump jets such as the Soviet Yak-38 could operate... Read more
An Indian TV Crew Filmed Hamas Bombarding Israel—And Lived to Broadcast
What a strange conflict Gaza has been. On the one hand, countless videos and photos have depicted Israeli soldiers, Israeli tanks and Israeli Iron Dome missiles in action. And especially Israeli bombs—and the Palestinian homes these munitions destroyed and the civilians they killed as the Jewish state tried to... Read more
Did China Steal Iron Dome From Israel?
A cybersecurity firm reports that Chinese hackers have stolen technical data for the Iron Dome rocket-defense system from Israeli computers. Maryland-based Cyber Engineering Services detected the cyber burglary, according to cybersecurity writer Brian Krebs. “Between Oct. 10, 2011 and Aug. 13, 2012, attackers thought to be operating out of... Read more
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