‘Pearl Harbor’ Sucked
‘splosions. Buena Vista Capture ‘Pearl Harbor’ Sucked And I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark by MATTHEW GAULT Memorial Day weekend, 2001. I went to the movies with my family. My grandfather — a veteran of World War II’s Pacific theatre — went with us. The... Read more
Proposed Vertical Slum Looks Like a Dystopian Movie
A dream of dharavi. Ugo architecture and design concept art Proposed Vertical Slum Looks Like a Dystopian Movie More than one million people live in the Dharavi slum, and one designer wants to put them here Looming at 15 stories, the hypothetical building has no ground floor. Human and... Read more
Celebrities At War

Celebrities At War

Uncategorized September 12, 2013 0

Angelina Jolie detonates land mines in An Long Veng District, Thailand in June 2001. U.N. Refugee Agency photo Celebrities At War The Syria crisis mobilized the celebrity brigades, but it’s really just entertainment This happens every time. Whenever the United States finds itself even contemplating the idea of war,... Read more
Free Syrian Army in Damascus. Freedom House Photo Despite the popular narrative, America isn’t arming Al Qaeda in Syria There’s a lot of scary information floating around about the Syrian rebel forces. This past June, on the late-night infotainment shouting match called Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher declared that giving weapons... Read more
These Men Faked Being War Heroes
Faking vet is an insulting claim, for lots of reasons. But the Internet is awash with those who claim military service that didn’t happen, combat experiences made out of whole cloth — and have received or claimed unearned military decorations, honors and even money they didn’t earn. In 2013,... Read more
All The Crazy Technology in ‘Elysium’ Is Real
Matt Damon’s Max. Tristar Pictures Capture All The Crazy Technology in ‘Elysium’ Is Real From exoskeletons to rail guns, the future is now Saucer drones patrol the skies, rail guns cut men to ribbons, robots enforce order, bullets seek their targets and exoskeletons confer superhuman strength and agility. This... Read more
These Men Are So Proud of Genocide, They Reenacted It
Crocodile torture. Drafthouse Films capture These Men Are So Proud of Genocide, They Reenacted It A new documentary shows us the fever dreams of psychopaths He sobs with remorse, having just watched a reenactment of his own murders — with himself as the victim. Anwar Congo is a mass... Read more
‘The Delta Force’ is a Pornographic Embarrassment of a Movie
Chuck Norris ends negotiations. MGM capture ‘The Delta Force’ is a Pornographic Embarrassment of a Movie Shame on anyone who actually likes this exploitative piece of escapist crap Terrorist airplane hijackers force a terrified flight attendant to pick out the Jewish passengers using the passports they’ve collected. She refuses... Read more
Yes, ‘The Hurt Locker’ Still Sucks
“It may as well be a superhero movie,” Jason says as the smoke clears around Sgt. 1st Class William James. We’re watching The Hurt Locker, and the hero is about to prove his invincibility by disarming a daisy chain of Improvised Explosive Devices. “Fuck this movie,” Jason adds. “Are... Read more

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