Watchdog Tells Congress to Slow Down New ‘Frigate’ Program
A recently released Government Accountability Office report urges Congress to slow down acquisition of a new frigate based on the troubled Littoral Combat Ship design since Congress would otherwise have to “make significant program decisions and commitments in 2017 without key cost, design and capability knowledge.” Approval of a... Read more
The F-35 Is Not Too Big to Fail
Other viable options exist by DAN GRAZIER On Dec. 22, 2016, outraged by the F-35’s cost overruns, president-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce he had asked Boeing to “price-out” a comparable F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. Most people in Washington have assumed the F-35 program is too big to fail, so it... Read more
When Will We Finally Audit the Pentagon?
In 1990, the U.S. Congress passed the Chief Financial Officers Act, which required every federal agency to be auditable. Since then every agency has complied — except for the Department of Defense. Instead, there’s been a saga of audit-readiness plans and billions of dollars spent to upgrade out-of-date financial... Read more
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Is Still a Huge Mess
The U.S. Director of Operational Test and Evaluation — DOT&E — recently released a scathing assessment of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program as part of his annual report. Buried inside 48 pages of highly technical language is a gripping story of mismanagement, delayed tests, serious safety issues, a... Read more
The Marines’ F-35s Are Not Ready for Combat
The Marine Corps triumphantly declared its variant of the F-35 combat ready in late July. In the public relations build-up, the recent demonstration of its performance on the USS Wasp was heralded as a rebuttal to the program’s critics. But a complete copy of a recent memo from the... Read more
Everything Wrong With the F-35
A new leaked test, which was first exposed by War Is Boring, provides more evidence that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s demonstrated performance is inferior to the current fighters it is designed to replace. Specifically, the report finds that, in a series of 17 dogfights, the F-35 was consistently... Read more
The Pentagon Conned Washington… Again
Advocates for higher Pentagon budgets won a victory last week, but their jubilation is misplaced. Although the National Defense Authorization Act managed to circumvent the spending caps imposed by the bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2011, these budgetary shenanigans are likely to postpone a series of reforms that nearly... Read more
U.S. Air Force Pilots Said Retiring the A-10 Will Put Troops in Danger
“I can’t wait to be relieved of the burdens of close air support,” Maj. Gen. James Post, the vice commander of Air Combat Command, allegedly told a collection of officers at a training session in August 2014. As with his now notorious warning that service members would be committing... Read more
F-35 Still Years Away From Being Ready for Combat
The F-35 continues to fail the most basic requirements for combat aircraft and common sense. Despite reforms, the F-35 continues to be unaffordable, its engines continue to be susceptible to fire, and the Pentagon continues to misrepresent its performance. Below are just a few of the issues identified in... Read more
The Air Force’s Smear Campaign Against the A-10 Relies on Flawed Data
Air Force headquarters is getting desperate to dump the A-10. Congress has demonstrated strong support for keeping the A-10 and is skeptical of the Air Force’s attempts to retire the platform. An Air Force general even accused any pilot who tells Congress why the A-10 supports troops so effectively... Read more
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