The Dutch Air Force Doesn’t Have Enough Fighters for Air Shows
In an announcement on its official Facebook page in late January, the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 display team cancelled its 2015 air show season. Citing operational demands, the much-loved team said it wouldn’t be flying its single-plane display until 2016 at the earliest. With a large deployment to... Read more
Dutch Gunships Battle Mali Rebels
Dutch attack helicopters operating in Mali flew into action for the first time on Jan. 20. The result was a lopsided victory for the Dutch, who are taking part in the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the country. The battle occurred as separatist rebels from the National Movement for... Read more
The Dutch Can Barely Support 10 F-16s in the Middle East
The Netherlands is joining the international coalition battling Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. But the 10 F-16 fighter jets the Dutch want to send represent much—perhaps too much—of The Netherlands’ deployable military might. After a heated political debate, the Royal Netherlands Air Force flew the 10 F-16AMs... Read more
Uh Oh—A Crappy Italian Company Might Build The Netherlands’ New Stealth Fighters
The Dutch minister of defense recently attended talks in Rome to decide who would build nearly 40 F-35 stealth fighters for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Lockheed Martin in the U.S. designed the single-engine, radar-evading jet, but the company licenses some of the actual manufacturing to foreign factories. The... Read more
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