The M-4 Carbine Is Here to Stay
In the January issue of The Atlantic, retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales slammed the United States Army’s M-4 carbine, and called for an entirely new weapon in the hands of the modern American soldier. Scales describes the 2008 Battle of Wanat—when the Taliban attacked a forward outpost defended by... Read more
It’s Time for the U.S. Military to Leave South Korea
Imagine you possess the 15th-largest economy in the world. You have world-class cars and consumer goods, glittering streets and a lifestyle as good as any in the industrialized world. Now, imagine you are being threatened by a hostile country one third as wealthy as Ethiopia. Ethiopia. In order to... Read more
The Pacific Rim’s Future Wars Belong to Marines
Across the Pacific Rim, regional powers are creating new marine infantry units. Fast, highly-trained and designed for military missions originating from the sea, marines are invaluable for the kinds of conflicts Asian and Pacific nations might fight in the future. Since 2009, India, Australia and Japan have all announced... Read more
No, Russia and China Aren’t Teaming Up Against America
In mid-November, Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu flew to Beijing for high-level military talks. Shoigu was scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Defense Minister Chang Wanquan to discuss “current issues of international and regional security and bilateral military and military-technical cooperation,” according to the Russian Tass... Read more
The Sherman Was America’s Best Worst Tank
American tanks in World War II were generally inferior to their German counterparts. German tanks boasted better armor protection and more firepower. But armor and lethality don’t tell the whole story. The same American tanks were superior to their rivals in other important ways. The M-4 Sherman, in particular,... Read more
North Korea’s History of Violence
Let’s get one thing out of the way. North Korea is not crazy. News pundits, talking heads and headline writers love to deride the North Korean leadership—and leaders Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un in particular—as crazy, whacko or just plain insane. The leadership is a lot of... Read more
The Chinese War Machine
In the days before the Internet, it was difficult to find detailed, timely information on foreign armed forces. Secretive, backward China was a particularly difficult country to assess. The Chinese War Machine changed that. The 1979 book was, for a long time, the best look at the Chinese armed... Read more
Whatever You Do, Don’t Buy Your Aircraft Carrier From Russia
Like a lot of countries, India wants the best weapons it can afford. But ideological and financial concerns mean there are a lot of things it won’t buy from the United States or Europe. That pretty much leaves, well, Russia. India has been a big buyer of Russian weapons... Read more
Whatever You Do, Don’t Call This Ship an Aircraft Carrier
On July 12, a large warship cruised within sight of Oahu, Hawaii’s most populated island. Sleek and modern-looking with a full-length flight deck, the ship looked like a miniature aircraft carrier. As we and other reporters watched, U.S. Army and Navy helicopters practiced touch-and-go landings on the vessel’s 646-foot-long... Read more
We Got a Peek Inside China’s Hospital Ship
We’ve been inside the Chinese navy’s new hospital ship Peace Ark. It was July 12 in Pearl Harbor. The blazing white Peace Ark had already been in Hawaii for more than two weeks for the huge Rim of the Pacific naval war game, which brought together dozens of warships... Read more
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