Russia Rolls Out a New Infantry Fighting Vehicle—Its First Since the Cold War
Two videos uploaded to the Internet purportedly reveal Russia’s first truly new infantry fighting vehicles in decades and a new self-propelled howitzer. One of the videos even shows intriguing closeups of what’s probably Russia’s new Armata tank. If the videos are authentic, it’s a sign that the Kremlin’s long-delayed... Read more
La carabina M-4 está aquí para quedarse
En el número de enero de la revista The Atlantic el General de División retirado Robert Scales arremetía contra la carabina M-4 del Ejército de Tierra estadounidense y reclamaba un arma completamente nueva para las manos del soldado estadounidense moderno. Scales reseña la Batalla de Wanat en 2008, cuando... Read more
Taiwan Is Building Attack Submarines
Locked in an an undersea arms race with China, Taiwan has decided to build its first domestically-produced attack submarines. For two reasons. The first is that Taiwan’s ancient submarines, half of which are 70 years old, are a better fit for a museum than defending the island nation from... Read more
Some Guys Just Made a Heavier-Caliber 3D-Printed Gun
In March, a Website dedicated to 3D-printing firearms announced one of its members had developed a lower receiver for a Colt CM901 rifle. It’s a small — but evolutionary — step toward the development of firearms that pretty much anyone can download off the Internet. The CM901 is the... Read more
Mystery Threat to U.S. Warships Is Likely North Korean
In 2013, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet hinted at a mysterious and “newly discovered threat” to American warships. Whatever it was, it was serious — and had America’s admirals spooked. We knew the threat was probably a missile, because the Navy’s only mention of it was inside a contracting... Read more
How Much Is China Really Spending on Its Military?
China has announced its defense budget for 2015. Beijing will spend the equivalent of $144.2 billion dollars on its military, a 10.1-percent increase year over year. But this probably isn’t the real number — and there are serious questions about Beijing’s defense budget. For one, how much of an... Read more
I Built an AR-15 in My Kitchen
I built a semi-automatic rifle in my kitchen. I’ll bet that’s one sentence you’d never thought you’d hear. Neither did I, until the day I decided to do it. The job required drilling aluminum, and tiny shards and slivers of metal were going to fly everywhere. It’s not something... Read more
China’s Aircraft Carriers on the Cheap
The last year has seen some unusual construction going on in the South China Sea. China has been building small islands from existing reefs with the purpose of placing military bases—including airfields—on them. These new islands will give China additional military presence in the region, and reinforce Beijing’s claims... Read more
You Can Buy Chinese Military ‘Anti-Radiation Food’ on eBay
Need a Chinese military entrenchment tool? Are you a hipster who wants to replace that 1960s-era Mao cap with a Xi Jinping-approved jungle boonie hat? Do you hunger for “anti-radiation” food? You’re in luck. Now you can buy equipment, uniforms and patches from the largest armed force in the... Read more
North Korea Might Put Nukes Aboard Submarines
North Korea is attempting to put nuclear weapons to sea, according to a longtime regime watcher. Joseph Bermudez—an expert on North Korean weapons—believes the evidence is commercial satellite imagery showing a submarine with possibly two vertical launch tubes. The regime also appears to have constructed a test stand for... Read more
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