The U.S. Army’s New Doctrine Envisions a Big, Mechanized Land War
The U.S. Army will release a new combat “FM 3.0 Operations” doctrine designed to better position the service for the prospect of large-scale, mechanized warfare against technologically advanced near-peer rivals — such as Russia or China — able to substantially challenge U.S. military technological superiority. The new “Operations” doctrine,... Read more
The Maverick Missile Is Great For Hitting Fast-Moving Vehicles
The U.S. Air Force is seeking more upgraded Maverick air-to-ground missiles, an air-launched weapon in service since the Vietnam era now receiving an upgraded laser-seeker along with new software configurations. The upgraded weapon is currently configured to fire from an Air Force F-16 and A-10 and Navy Harrier Jets... Read more
The U.S. Marines Want to Add Extra Firepower to Tiltrotors
The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, has been exploring the use of forward-firing rockets, missiles, fixed guns, a chin-mounted gun, and also looked at the use of a 30-millimeter gun along with gravity drop rockets and guided bombs deployed from the back of the V-22. In recent years, the... Read more
Por qué el A-10 Warthog continúa siendo el rey del Apoyo Aéreo Cercano
Conocido por su capacidad para continuar volando tras recibir varios disparos de ametralladora, aterrizar y operar en terrenos difíciles, destruir combatientes enemigos con su ametralladora de 30 milímetros y desplegar un amplio arsenal de armas de ataque, los pilotos pintan al A-10 como un «carro de combate volador» que... Read more
In the Future, U.S. Navy Assault Ships Will Face More Threats in More Places
The USS Portland, or LPD 27, recently completed a series of at-sea tests including full power runs, self-defense detect-to-engage exercises, evaluations of combat and communications systems, rapid ballast/de-ballast operations, steering checks and anchor handling demonstrations. Portland is part of a broader Navy and Marine Corps strategy to prepare amphibious... Read more
Why the A-10 Warthog Remains King of Close Air Support
Known for an ability to keep flying after taking multiple rounds of enemy machine gun fire, land and operate in rugged terrain, destroy groups of enemy fighters with a 30-millimeter cannon and unleash a wide arsenal of attack weapons, the A-10 is described by pilots as a “flying tank”... Read more
The U.S. Army’s Battlefield Networks Are Vulnerable to Russian Jamming
A U.S. Army analysis of battlefield networks will likely closely assess the extent to which its flagship satellite communications and radio network can be “hardened” and made more resilient against the kinds of electronic warfare and cyberattacks likely to occur in a major-power, near-peer type mechanized war. The Army’s mobile... Read more
The Navy’s New Mini-Carriers Balance Air Power and Beach Assaults
The U.S. Navy is acquiring early materials, working on systems engineering and starting detailed design work for a new America-class amphibious assault ship which re-introduces a “well deck” to prepare the service for future amphibious warfare. Construction of the ship, Bougainville, is scheduled to commence in late 2018 with... Read more
In Iraq and Syria, U.S. Aircraft Rely on a New Kind of Rocket
The Pentagon is fast-tracking new orders of laser-guided precision rockets needed to attack Islamic State as U.S. aircraft maintain an extremely high tempo of offensive operations in Iraq and Syria. A-10 Warthog attack planes, and other aircraft, have been attacking Islamic State fighters with Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System rockets—laser-guided... Read more
The U.S. Army’s Drone-Killing Missile Sprays Shrapnel
The Army’s well-known Stinger missile can now destroy small, moving drones using a newer proximity fuse to detonate near a target, service developers said. Firing from a vehicle-mounted Avenger Air Defense System, a Stinger missile destroyed a mini-drone more than one kilometer away using a proximity fuse—technology used to... Read more
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