North Korea tested another missile, a record 23rd test of the year
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea conducted the second test in a week at a long-range rocket site, state-run media said Saturday, despite U.S. warnings that such activity threatens to close the door on nuclear talks. The announcement occurred days after the United States led a U.N. Security... Read more
North Korea says it performed a nuclear test at plant that was supposed to be dismantled
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea said Sunday that it successfully conducted a “very important test” at a long-range rocket launch site, which had previously been partially dismantled as part of nuclear talks with the United States. The brief statement, which provided few details, came a day after... Read more
South Korea opens defense-sharing costs talks with U.S., hopes to keep troops in Seoul
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes The United States and South Korea prepared to resume negotiations Tuesday on footing the bill for some 28,500 American troops stationed on the peninsula, just over three months before the current agreement is set to expire. With President Donald Trump pressing Seoul to pay... Read more
North Korea offers to restart nuclear talks this month as it tests ICBM missiles again
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea offered Monday to restart stalled nuclear negotiations with the U.S. later this month but warned “dealings may come to an end” if the Americans don’t bring something new to the table. Talks have been stalled since President Donald Trump and North Korean... Read more
North Korea continues missile testing despite U.S. calling for more talks
Kim Gamel and Yoo Kyong Chang Stars and Stripes North Korea fired two missiles into the sea on Saturday, South Korea’s military said, a blow to U.S hopes that the launches would stop and nuclear talks would resume after military exercises concluded earlier this week. It was the seventh... Read more
North Korea launches another missile as President Trump promises more talks
By Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea showed off another missile on Sunday, hours after President Donald Trump said he’s not worried about the recent spate of launches and raised hope for new nuclear talks with the communist state. The North’s state-run news agency reported that leader Kim... Read more
U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises begin as North Korea continues missile testing
Kim Gamel and Yoo Kyong Chang Stars and Stripes The United States and South Korea began joint military exercises on Monday but kept them low-key to avoid provoking North Korea, which has warned the drills could derail efforts to resume nuclear negotiations. The allies declined to officially announce the... Read more
North Korea performs third missile test in a week, President Trump says he’s not worried
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes North Korea fired two rounds of projectiles into the sea off its eastern coast for the third time in just over a week, South Korea’s military said early Friday. The launches happened after the North warned the South against joining upcoming military exercises with... Read more
U.S. & North Korea in talks for a third nuclear summit
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes The United States and North Korea are holding “behind-the-scenes talks” on the possibility of a third summit, President Moon Jae-in said in remarks released Wednesday. Moon’s comments, made Tuesday in a joint written interview with seven news agencies, came ahead of a two-day visit... Read more
Night on the town: U.S. Military lifts curfew for troops stationed in South Korea
Kim Gamel Stars and Stripes The U.S. military temporarily lifted a 1-5 a.m. curfew for troops in South Korea on Monday, saying the suspension will be reevaluated in 90 days. The reprieve, which was to take effect at 8 a.m., followed a policy review ordered by Gen. Robert Abrams... Read more

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