Operation #Fail—The Marine Corps’ Sad Attempt to Conquer Facebook
The U.S. Marine Corps fought and lost on the digital battlefront this week. On March 14, the Marines decided to up their social media presence. In the tradition of the Reddit Ask Me Anything Q and A—where celebrities chat with users of the popular site—Marine Sgt. Maj. Michael Barrett... Read more
The Ones We Left Behind
Last summer, the Free Syrian Army was getting ready to deliver what it thought would be a deathblow to the Syrian regime—with the military might of the world’s most powerful countries backing it up. The U.S. and France seemed ready to intervene to end the then-two-year-old Syrian civil war.... Read more
“I Can Never Go Home”
Ethiopian Troops Have Returned to Somalia—That’s Not a Good Thing
Somalia is often stereotyped as a lawless, abandoned country where few dare to go. But since 2007, it has been home to a force of thousands of African peacekeepers sent to bring stability to the nation. Manned by a mix of Ugandans, Nigerians, Kenyans and others, the African Union... Read more
Beer, Brotherhood and The Battle of Britain
The United States and the United Kingdom have a unique relationship among nations. Few nations have experienced a closer partnership , or one as ironic, as the U.S. arose from a bitter rebellion and renunciation of British power. But a shared history and culture, and the experience of the world... Read more
Nazis Go to Hollywood
Nazis are bad dudes. Seriously, those guys are like the worst. And for years they’ve been the go-to bad guys for Hollywood. From Casablanca to Indiana Jones and well into the present, Nazis have been dependable antagonists. What would Hollywood do without these guys? Actually, there was a time... Read more
An Afghan District’s Decades of War
In 2009, U.S. Pres. Barack Obama sent thousands of additional troops and civilians to Afghanistan as part of the so-called “Afghan surge.” The then eight-year-old war had taken a losing turn for America; the administration hoped that the surge would replicate the apparently positive results of the similar surge... Read more
Memories of the War to End All Wars
American Soldiers in World War i. US Army Photo Memories of the War to End All Wars A review of ‘The Last of the Doughboys’ When Frank Buckles, the last known American combatant of World War I, died in 2011, it marked the end of an era. The Great... Read more
‘Rubicon’ Could Have Been The Best War Comic of The Year
Mario Stilla art ‘Rubicon’ Could Have Been The Best War Comic of The Year Seven Samurai applied to the Afghanistan war is pretty good, except when it’s taken too literally Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai is widely regarded as one of the best war films ever made, if not the... Read more
Vikings Versus Taliban
In 2006, while much of the world press was preoccupied by the unraveling sectarian violence in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan was heating up — particularly in the predominantly Pashtun south of the country. One of the fiercest battles during this time was for the town of Musa Qala... Read more

Kevin Knodell

Contributing Editor

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