Hey Drivers, the U.S. Army Wants to Read Your Brain Waves
Imagine you’re a soldier driving for hours through a stretch of empty, dusty road. You’re wearing a helmet packed with sensors that record your brain’s electrical signals and sends them out into the ether for processing at a remote facility. Meanwhile, a team of military specialists is monitoring your... Read more
Can Soldiers Trust Guns That Tell Them Where to Shoot?
This article originally appeared at Motherboard. The weapons that will be used to fight tomorrow’s wars will need to address a very old problem — friendly fire. Researchers think complex algorithms can help by telling soldiers where to shoot, and where not to. But how much trust should soldiers... Read more
The Problem With Using Metadata to Justify Drone Strikes
This article originally appeared at Motherboard. The U.S. military maintains that its drone program delivers deadly “targeted strikes” against its enemies overseas, and yet, reports of civilians being killed by drones keep pouring in. Secret documents prepared as part of a Pentagon report on the U.S. drone program in... Read more
The Canadian Military Wants to Learn How to Hack Cars
The article originally appeared at Motherboard. The Canadian government is looking for someone who can hack a car, and will pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it. A procurement request published by Public Works and Government Services states that the Canadian Department of National Defense is looking... Read more
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