EUCOM wants to use U.S. diplomats in mock crisis scenarios to better military exercises
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes U.S. European Command leaders are developing new military war games in coordination with some unconventional partners: American diplomats in Europe. “It provides the reality,” said Air Force Maj. Gen. John P. Healy, who leads EUCOM’s exercises and assessments division. “Before you get to any... Read more
Two ISIS militants killed in strike as U.S. pushes forward in Somalia
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes The U.S. military said it killed two Islamic State fighters Wednesday in Somalia, where there has been an uptick in airstrikes against the militant group in the past month. In recent years, nearly all of U.S. Africa Command airstrikes in Somalia have been directed... Read more
Drone runway in Niger done, but security concerns have delayed takeoffs
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes The U.S. military has finally completed runway work at a new air base in Agadez, Niger, but Air Force officials said Wednesday it will still be several months before flight operations can begin at what is anticipated to be a major intelligence gathering hub... Read more
NATO scrambled fighters to intercept Russian jets, called it a ‘professional’ encounter
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes NATO jets were scrambled twice in two days to intercept Russian aircraft flying along the Baltic coastline toward Moscow’s military hub in Kaliningrad, the British Defense Ministry said Thursday. The quick reaction intercepts were the first for the British detachment that took over the... Read more
Trump warns the EU to not exclude US companies from bidding on European military projects
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes The Trump administration has issued a warning to European Union allies that a decadeslong partnership is at risk if the American defense industry isn’t allowed to compete for contracts on new EU military projects. The EU is pushing an initiative that amounts to “a... Read more
President calls report of sending 120,000 troops in Iranian conflict ‘fake news’, says he’d send more
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes The Pentagon has drafted plans to send up to 120,000 troops to the Middle East in the event Iran launches an attack on U.S. forces in the region or restarts its nuclear weapons program, the New York Times reported. President Donald Trump dismissed the... Read more
US participates in NATO missile defense drill off Scotland’s coast
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes U.S. and allied warships were slated to begin live-fire drills off the coast of Scotland on Friday as part of an exercise designed to test NATO’s ability to coordinate missile defense during a fight at sea. NATO’s Formidable Shield 2019 exercise is underway with... Read more
President Trump calls Brazil a ‘major non-NATO’ ally
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes President Donald Trump said he will grant special military status to Brazil, making it a “major non-NATO ally” in a move to boost cooperation. Trump informed Congress Wednesday of his intent to make the South American state the 18th country to receive the designation.... Read more
Wolters looks to push ‘competitive advantage’ in Europe
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters assumed command Thursday of U.S. troops in Europe, where the military has expanded its mission in recent years to counter a more aggressive Russia. During a change-of-command ceremony at U.S. European Command’s Stuttgart headquarters, Wolters said his aim is... Read more
Documents reveal Turkey tracked US military because of coup connection suspicions
John Vandiver Stars and Stripes The Turkish government tracked the movement of U.S. troops inside Turkey as part of its investigation into an attempted coup in the country, where top political leaders have accused the U.S. of playing a behind-the-scenes role, according to documents obtained by a group that... Read more

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