In His Own Words, an Iranian Fighter Explains Tehran’s War in Syria
An Iranian fighter named Sayyed Hassan Entezari, who was injured and paralyzed fighting in Syria on behalf of Bashar Al Assad’s government, recently sat for an interview with Mashregh News, a Website run by Tehran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps. The interview, part of Tehran’s propaganda campaign in support of the... Read more
The American Coalition Is Providing Close Air Support for Iran’s Militias in Iraq
Iranian Su-25 Frogfoot jets were in Baghdad in late June and, by early July, were bombing Islamic State forces in a desperate bid to halt the militants’ advance through northwestern Iraq. But the special Su-25s—modified to launch guided weapons and interface with surveillance drones—have quit Iraq. And for air... Read more
Led by an Armored Bulldozer, Shia Militia Fought to Restore Their Credibility
The past four months have been absolutely disastrous for Shia militia in Syria and Iraq. Although the militia have helped to slow Islamic State’s advance in Iraq, the Sunni militant group still managed to launch a major assault toward Baghdad’s international airport in October. The Islamic State fighters got... Read more
Iran Is Forcing Poor Afghans to Fight and Die in Syria
“Come out, you donkey!” the Syrian rebel shouts in Arabic in the amateur video that appeared on the Internet in mid-October. Two other rebels are pulling something out of a pile of rubble. The outline of a human body appears from beneath dust and bricks. The scene resembles something... Read more
Knockoff Guns, War Buses and Other Embarrassing Iranian Weapons
The last week of September marks the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war that began in 1980. Formal ceremonies for Sacred Defense Week include a nationwide parade, war remembrance gatherings and—of the most interest to War Is Boring—theatrical unveiling events for new weaponry. This year Iranian authorities extended the weapons... Read more
Sunni Militia Rampages Across Southeastern Iran
A series of attacks have marked some of the most violent weeks in southeastern Iran in the last decade. At least 16 Iranians are dead. Jaysh Al Adl, a Sunni extremist group based in Pakistan, has claimed responsibility for all of the attacks. An assault on a border fort... Read more
Islamic State Has Anti-Aircraft Missiles
Using advanced targeting systems and long-range precision munitions, U.S., Iraqi and allied aircraft usually manage to stay well beyond the firing range of Islamic State’s anti-aircraft defenses. But in early October, something changed. In a three-day span, the militants shot down two high-tech Iraqi helicopters. The first one was... Read more
Midnight Explosion at Iran’s Alleged Nuclear Weapons Site
Around midnight on Oct. 6, local sources in Tehran reported a massive explosion at the Parchin military complex in Iran. The explosion shattered windows in a 15-kilometer radius and created a huge bright flash in the night sky. Any explosion at Parchin is a big deal. For the central... Read more
Iran’s Top Agent in the Middle East Isn’t All He’s Cracked Up to Be
In the minds of Iran’s hardline religious clerics, dancing is taboo. Iranian leaders choose the country’s military commanders based solely on the candidates’ faith in clerics’ orders and their ability to carry out holy assignments without question. But apparently breaking a siege on a small city in southern Kurdistan,... Read more
Iran Could Help Shoot Down U.S. Warplanes Bombing Syria
These days it’s not unusual to hear about some Iranian officer dying in Syria. Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps personnel are in the civil war-torn country to train—and in some cases, command—Shia forces fighting for the regime. Usually, the IRGC fatalities are high-ranking commanders specializing in artillery, armor or infantry... Read more
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