Too short to fly? Air Force re-evaluating height requirement for pilots
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes The Air Force general in charge of pilot training says prospective aviators shouldn’t be dissuaded from a flying career because they think they’re too short or too tall. Maj. Gen. Craig Wills, commander since June of the 19th Air Force Air Education and Training... Read more
Air Force helicopter pilots passing training program six weeks early thanks to virtual reality
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes The first six new Air Force helicopter pilots to train on virtual reality flight simulators recently pinned on their wings at the Army’s Fort Rucker, Ala. Late last week, the pilots graduated a redesigned course that prepared them to fly the UH-1N Huey, HH-60G... Read more
Air Force graduates largest class in history, 745 officers dubbed the “Godzilla class”
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes The largest class in the history of the Air Force Officer Training School — 745 newly commissioned officers — recently pinned on their rank insignia at graduation ceremonies in Montgomery, Ala. Class No. 19-07 — a group so large that course instructors and leaders... Read more
Shorts on the flight line?  Air Force ok’s it for three bases
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes Three Air Force bases in hot climates are turning to shorts to keep airmen cool while working on the flight line. Extreme heat during summer months is a fact of life for airmen at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.,... Read more
Norse Heathenism believing airman gets beard waiver granted, paves way for more religious exemptions
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes For nearly a year, the Air Force weighed a staff sergeant’s request to grow a beard as part of his religious beliefs before granting him a waiver, a decision that balanced personal liberty against military readiness, a Pentagon spokesman said. Staff Sgt. Garrett Sopchak,... Read more
Air Force adds hand-to-hand combat as requirement during basic training
James Bolinger Stars and Stripes Changes to Air Force basic training this summer include switching to the M4 carbine from the M16 and an increased emphasis on hand-to-hand fighting skills. Training on the M4 is part of an emphasis on preparing new airmen for deployment into areas of potential... Read more

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James Bolinger Stars and Stripes

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