The First Ship to Open Fire on D-Day
To HMS Warspite went the honor of being the first ship to open fire on D-Day, with her shells pummeling a German gun battery that showed signs of life. At 5:30 AM the whole bombardment fleet roared—an awesome ripple of flame and thunder giving the occupiers of Normandy the... Read more
Russian Troops Just Parachuted Onto the North Pole
Russian paratroopers leap headlong into the slipstream of a transport aircraft disgorging them over the vast icy wastes of the North Pole. Tumbling head over heel, drogue chutes trailing behind, one by one the soldiers’ main parachutes deploy. They glide down to land on a drifting ice floe next... Read more
The Strange Tale of Russia’s Secret Balaklava Beluga Submarine
The current turmoil in Crimea and television news reports from Sevastopol’s Balaklava Harbor remind me of a trip I made to that part of the world in the dying days of the Soviet Union 23 years ago. Thereby hangs a tale I thought worth dusting off, especially as it’s... Read more
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