President gets his wish, military tanks & flyover scheduled for 4th of July celebrations
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Tanks and other military equipment will be displayed in Washington during Thursday’s Fourth of July celebrations, US President Donald Trump confirmed Monday. Trump, who plans to speak during the festivities from the Lincoln Memorial, said Sherman and Abrams tanks would be placed “in certain areas” to... Read more
Iran shoots down U.S. drone, brings both countries closer to war
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claimed Thursday it had shot down a US drone over its territory, amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington. The RQ-4 “Global Hawk” drone was shot down in Iranian airspace above Hormozgan province in the country’s south, the IRGC said in... Read more
Iran stockpiling uranium, will pass key point of 2015 nuclear deal within the next 10 days
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Iran said Monday it is preparing to enrich uranium to higher grades than allowed by its nuclear pact with global powers, marking a departure from a core commitment designed to prevent Tehran from building nuclear weapons. A spokesman for Iran’s nuclear energy agency, Behrus Kamalwandi, said... Read more
Two tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman, U.S. sending destroyer to assist
By Dpa Correspondents dpA Two tankers were damaged on Thursday in what their operating companies said were attacks targeting the vessels in the Gulf of Oman, forcing crew members to evacuate, in the latest incidents taking place amid increasing regional tensions with Iran. The owner companies have not confirmed... Read more
WSJ Report: Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was a CIA informant
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The murder mystery over the death of Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un, is turning into a spy thriller. A spokesman from South Korea’s intelligence agency NIS on Tuesday neither confirmed nor denied a newspaper report that Kim Jong Nam was... Read more
Iran calls Arab League crisis meeting a “distraction” from true enemy
dpa, Hamburg, Germany A statement from Arab leaders denouncing Iran for meddling in the region was met with contempt in Tehran on Friday, with a Foreign Ministry spokesman rejecting the “baseless claims.” “Saudi Arabia has used the holy month of Ramadan and the holy city of Mecca for political... Read more
Japan offers to act as mediator between U.S. & Iran
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Iran on Tuesday welcomed Japan’s offer to act as a mediator with the US, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi calling a planned visit to Tehran by Japanese premier Shinzo Abe “a turning point.” Abe will meet Iranian President Hassan Rowhani in Tehran in June, though... Read more
Iraqi politician says country would turn into a battlefield if a war starts between the U.S. & Iran
dpa, Hamburg, Germany (TNS) Iraqi Shiite leaders warned on Monday against dragging their country into a possible war between the United States and Iran, a day after a rocket fell near the US embassy in Baghdad. Prominent Shiite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said he was against fuelling the war... Read more
State Department pulling all non-emergency staff out of Iraq
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The US State Department has ordered non-emergency government staff to leave Iraq, the US embassy in Baghdad said on Wednesday, amid escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran. The order covers non-emergency employees at the US embassy in Baghdad and the US consulate in Erbil in Iraq’s... Read more
Taiwan breaks ground on shipyard that will self-build submarines
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday hosted a ground-breaking ceremony for the island’s first shipyard for self-built submarines, stressing that she is determined to strengthen the island’s defence autonomy. Tsai announced the launch of a programme in 2017 for the development of submarines made in Taiwan,... Read more

dpa, Hamburg, Germany

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