Iran takes next step in nuclear deal rollbacks, declares program will be “without limits”
By Farshid Motahari dpa Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Iran’s nuclear program will be “without limits” when it launches the third phase of its withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal on Friday. “In the third phase the Iranian nuclear agency starting Friday will implement without limits everything that is... Read more
Iran wants billions in credit before reopening nuclear talks with the European Union
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Iran said on Wednesday that Europe must offer 15 billion dollars in credit before the two sides can start any fresh nuclear negotiations, a senior Iranian diplomat said on Wednesday. Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said the loan package recently discussed during talks in Paris would... Read more
Iran confirms rocket launch went wrong, says communication satellite still intact
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Iran confirmed on Monday that an explosion had taken place at its launch site in central Semnan, but said the “accident has nothing to do with the start of our communications satellite.” Government spokesman Ali Rabiei added that no one had been killed in the explosion,... Read more
U.S. military now needs permission from Iraqi PM before it can provide air support to ground troops
dpa, Hamburg, Germany All military planes will need authorization from Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel Abdel-Mahdi to fly in Iraqi airspace, a statement said on Thursday, days after an explosion took place at a weapons depot in Baghdad. Iraqi or non-Iraqi reconnaissance flights, fighter jets, helicopters and drones must get... Read more
President Trump wants to buy Greenland for its resources & military position
dpa U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed interest in buying the entire island of Greenland “with varying degrees of seriousness,” The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The WSJ cited unnamed advisers as saying that the president asked White House counsels to “look into the idea” of purchasing the... Read more
China blocks two U.S. Navy ships from docking in Hong Kong, blames U.S. for protests
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The Chinese government has denied requests for two US Navy ships to visit Hong Kong, a US State Department official said Tuesday, as tensions escalated in the region. The two ships are the USS Green Bay, a transport ship, and the USS Lake Erie, a cruiser.... Read more
Radiation level at Russian nuclear test site 16 times higher than normal after blast
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The Russian government said Tuesday that radiation levels around the site of a deadly nuclear accident at a military facility in the north-western port of Severodvinsk were up to 16 times higher than the norm, confirming widespread speculation. “In six of the eight points in Severodvinsk,... Read more
U.S. threatens to pull troops out of Germany as countries argue over defense spending
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, has lashed out again at low levels of German defence spending, calling it “offensive” and repeating a threat to withdraw US troops from the country. “It is actually offensive to assume that the US taxpayer must continue to pay... Read more
U.S. & Britain meet over Iranian security issues in the Strait of Hormuz
dpa, Hamburg, Germany Military representatives of Britain and the United States are set to come together for a meeting in Bahrain on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of creating an international mission to safeguard shipping in the Strait of Hormuz. The closed-door meeting was confirmed by the British Defence... Read more
Filipino defense secretary tells China to “prove” that it won’t take first shot in South China Sea
dpa, Hamburg, Germany The Philippine defense secretary on Tuesday called on China to match its actions with its words in the South China Sea, after Beijing said it “will not take the first shot” in resolving the territorial row there. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said China has often assured... Read more

dpa, Hamburg, Germany

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