Trump on the campaign trail in 2016. Max Goldberg photo Podcast — a historian of the CIA tells us exactly why that’s bad by HELEN COSTER Even before he took office, Donald Trump was denigrating the U.S. intelligence community — in large part because of its investigation into Russian influence on the presidential... Read more
Indian PT-76s rolling towards future Bangladeshi capital of Dacca. Photo via Indian military forums Amphibious tanks helped Indian troops wage a lightning war in a land full of rivers by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN This is the second in a two-part series on the PT-76 amphibious tank. Part one described the... Read more
Swimming Polish PT-76s circa 1970. Janusz Magnuski photo A lightly armored Cold War tank gave U.S. Special Forces a nasty shock in the Vietnam War by SÉBASTIEN ROBLIN The PT-76 seems like a minor oddity of the Cold War — a Soviet amphibious light tank with thin armor and an unimpressive... Read more
Former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. U.S. Navy photo Podcast — for authoritarians, bad behavior is almost always good policy by MATTHEW GAULT For his views on democracies and dictatorships, he’s been called a cynic. But NYU professor Alastair Smith doesn’t think that makes him wrong. This week on War College, Smith... Read more
Finish up the chat. It’s time to go home. U.S. Army photo Podcast — we’re accidentally funding the Taliban and it’s time to go by MATTHEW GAULT After thousands of American lives, literally billions of dollars and more than 15 years, the U.S. can’t seem to quit its longest war in... Read more
The V.A.’s unfinished behemoth hospital in Aurora, CO. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo/WIB photo illustration The Department of Veterans Affairs can’t provide adequate care or manage itself by MATTHEW GAULT The Department of Veterans Affairs is the largest health care provider in the United States. The V.A. runs... Read more
U.S. president Donald Trump speaks at the Department of Homeland Security in January 2017. Photo via Wikimedia Liberals are losing badly by BRIAN E. FRYDENBORG This is part two of a two-part essay. Read part one. By the standards discussed, Donald Trump is clearly a democratic fascist — with the differences between the... Read more
Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. PCOO EDP photo via Wikimedia A smoldering, 50-year-old insurgency risks reigniting by ANDREW DOBBS The longest ceasefire to date in one of the world’s longest-running civil conflicts was set to come to an end on Feb. 10, 2017, in the Philippines. Both sides of the struggle — the... Read more
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