Trump says as many as 2,000 troops could be sent to Poland, would increase tensions with Russia
By David S. Cloud Los Angeles Times President Donald Trump said Wednesday that as many as 2,000 additional troops would be sent to Poland, deepening the U.S. military presence near Russia’s border after Polish President Andrzej Duda made an unusually public effort to woo Trump. The move likely will... Read more
U.S. officials: North Korean missile built to avoid defensive measures
David S. Cloud Los Angeles Times A newly tested North Korean short-range ballistic missile appears to be a copy of an advanced Russian design that could greatly improve Pyongyang’s ability to evade U.S. missile defense systems, according to U.S. officials. President Trump, who has sought unsuccessfully for the last... Read more
South Korea pays for vast US Army base expansion, but Trump wants it to pay more
By David S. Cloud Los Angeles Times The new golf course and clubhouse will open next month. Along MacArthur Circle, 23 stone-clad villas reserved for American generals are finished, as are five apartment towers for military families. Over by an airfield that buzzes day and night with Blackhawk and... Read more
Trump officials chafe at second-guessing of North Korean missile sites
By David S. Cloud Los Angeles Times When workers at North Korea’s Sohae rocket facility began rebuilding the dormant site’s launch pad and engine test stand this month, U.S. spy satellites orbiting overhead quickly detected the construction. So did Joe Bermudez, a freelance North Korea military expert who keeps... Read more

David S. Cloud

Los Angeles Times

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