¿Dónde atacará el Estado Islámico después de fracasar en Oriente Medio?
El Estado Islámico pronto dejará de existir como un ente territorial en Siria e Irak. A pesar de ello, el ISIS podría conservar su potencial para alterar el sistema internacional y eliminar las fronteras estatales, como hizo temporalmente en Siria e Irak. El Sur de Asia es la región... Read more
Where Will Islamic State Strike After it Collapses in the Middle East?
Islamic State will soon cease to exist as a territorial entity in Syria and Iraq. Despite this, ISIS might retain its potential for upsetting the international system and deleting state borders, as it temporarily did in Syria and Iraq. South Asia is the region the group threatens the most.... Read more
The Race for the Fertile Crescent
Events of historic consequence are occurring in Syria’s eastern desert and the Euphrates valley. Out of the countless events of the Syrian war so far, the present moment may be the most important one in deciding the near geopolitical future of the Fertile Crescent. Daesh—the so-called Islamic State—is falling. Chances are, it... Read more
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