The Paraguayan War was the Dumbest and Costliest Conflict the Americas Ever Experienced
The Paraguayan War — sometimes referred to by South Americans as the War of the Triple Alliance or the Great War — pitted the armies of Paraguay against those of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. It was an incredibly lopsided contest. Paraguay had a population of roughly 500,000 people, while... Read more
En un principio la pistola AR-15 parecía un chiste malo
La pistola AR-15 pasó muchos años de mala racha en el mercado de las pistolas y las armas de defensa personal . Todos los comentarios al respecto solían ser muy críticos o incluso despectivos. Algunos incluso se reían abiertamente de este arma por su supuesta falta... Read more
Women With Guns Helped Win the Nicaraguan Revolution
The myth of women serving only in auxiliary capacities or holding down the home front during times of conflict has always been highly questionable. History has shown time and again that women have actively participated in combat, to varying degrees in different cultures, for thousands of years. The last... Read more
The AR-15 Pistol Seemed Like a Bad Joke at First
For years the AR-15 pistol had a rough time in the handgun and personal defense weapon markets. Reviews tended to be critical or even dismissive. Some even openly mocked the weapon for its supposed impracticality. The public wasn’t very interested in it other than as a novelty gun. There... Read more
‘Soy Cuba.’ ICAIC capture Critics loved ‘Soy Cuba,’ but its intended audience hated it by DARIEN CAVANAUGH In 1992, the Pacific Film Archive’s Edith Kramer was given a difficult task — track down a copy of the obscure Cuban-Soviet propaganda film Soy Cuba that had been produced almost 30 years earlier. Cuban novelist... Read more
The CIA tricked the Eastern Bloc into purging hundreds of loyal officials and settled a vendetta in the process by DARIEN CAVANAUGH While Joseph McCarthy, the House Un-American Activities Committee and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI terrorized suspected communists and their alleged sympathizers in the United States during the 1940s and... Read more
A propaganda sign from 1955 with the image of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. Photo via Wikimedia Mispronouncing a single word may have cost thousands their lives by DARIEN CAVANAUGH In 1937, social and economic tensions within the Dominican Republic were redirected at its neighbor to the west, Haiti. Events quickly... Read more
¿Quién quiere un lanzallamas?
El lanzallamas se encuentra entre las armas más espeluznantes y despiadadas de la guerra moderna. Siembra el terror entre el enemigo y suele presentarse como un arma temible incluso para sus propios usuarios que la empuñan. Tanto los Aliados como las fuerzas del Eje lo utilizaron en la Segunda... Read more
The U.S. Army’s Human Terrain System Was an Expensive Failure
In 2007, the U.S. Army began embedding anthropologists and other social scientists in combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan. It called the initiative the Human Terrain System. HTS aimed to improve soldiers’ knowledge of the local populations so that they could better attempt to win over hearts and minds in... Read more
Antiquated Helicopters Protect America’s Nuclear Missile Sites
The U.S. Air Force’s 450 silo-based Minuteman III ballistic missiles represent the entire land-based leg of America’s nuclear deterrent. The Minuteman missiles are a big deal. So why is missile-field security the responsibility of some of the oldest, slowest helicopters in the entire Defense Department inventory? The network of... Read more
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