Why Doesn’t the Military Use Pain Rays and Stun Grenades?
In the early days of the Iraq War, the U.S. military pumped millions of dollars into non-lethal weapons projects intended to stop people without killing them. There was the “pain ray,” designed to force people to move by aiming agonizing millimeter waves at them. There were electroshock weapons such... Read more
This Is the Giant U.S. Ship That Will Eat Syria’s Chemical Weapons
PORTSMOUTH, Virginia—Long before forces loyal to Syrian Pres. Bashar Al Assad launched a massive chemical weapons strike that nearly dragged the U.S. into Syria's civil war, the American government was trying to figure out a way to neutralize Al Assad's stockpile of nerve gas and other illicit weapons. No... Read more
Here’s How the U.S. Military Will Help With Typhoon Relief
Survivors board a Marine Corps KC-130 in Tacloban, The Philippines, on Nov. 12. Navy photo Here’s How the U.S. Military Will Help With Typhoon Relief Super-copters, spy planes and a publicist The U.S. military began providing humanitarian assistance in the Philippines on Sunday following a monstrous typhoon that leveled... Read more
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