U.S. monitoring Kurdish-Turkey ceasefire with drones, not soldiers
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes American troops will not physically monitor the temporary ceasefire in northeastern Syria between NATO ally Turkey and the Kurdish-dominated militia that the United States has backed in recent years to fight the Islamic State in that country, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday. Esper... Read more
Army releases new fitness test requirements, will go in effect next year
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes To ace the new Army Combat Fitness Test, a soldier would need to deadlift 340 pounds, launch a medicine ball 12.5 meters backwards, complete 60 hand-release pushups, finish the new sprint-drag-carry event in 1:33 minutes, execute 20 hanging leg tucks and run two miles... Read more
Pentagon sending more troops to Saudi Arabia after oil field drone strike
Corey Dickstein and Caitlin M. Kenney Stars and Stripes The Pentagon will deploy new forces into the Middle East to bolster the United States’ ability to defend its personnel and its allies in the region, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday evening, citing a recent “significant escalation of violence”... Read more
1,200 troops being set to help Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian destroys the Caribbean islands
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Pentagon has mobilized about 1,200 active-duty troops to assist the Hurricane Dorian-stricken Bahamas, where the death toll rose to at least 44 on Monday about one week after the Category 5 storm devastated the islands. The troops — some of whom arrived in... Read more
Navy fires leaders of famous SEAL team 7, says it’s to change the culture
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Navy’s top SEAL on Friday fired SEAL Team 7’s top three leaders from their duties as the service cracks down on a cultural and ethical crisis within the ranks of its elite commandos, according to Navy officials. Rear Adm. Collin Green, the commander... Read more
Military projects in 23 states, 20 other countries suspended as money will instead be used for border wall
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Pentagon’s move to divert some $3.6 billion from military construction coffers to fund 175 miles of border fencing will defund planned projects in 23 states, three U.S. territories and at bases in 20 other countries, the Defense Department announced Wednesday. The Pentagon is... Read more
Defense Secretary approves transfer of $3.6 billion to fund border wall projects
Corey Dickstein and Rose L. Thayer Stars and Stripes Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday approved the transfer of $3.6 billion of Pentagon money meant for military construction projects around the world to pay for 11 barrier construction and improvements projects on the U.S. southern border with Mexico. The... Read more
U.S. General: Reports of Afghanistan drawbacks “premature”
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The United States will not begin drawing down forces in Afghanistan — where American troops have been fighting for 18 years – until the violence there subsides to a point that the Afghan security forces can maintain control, America’s top general said Wednesday. Marine... Read more
Top SEAL tells command to raise the bar on grooming & uniform standards
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes The Navy’s top SEAL has ordered Naval Special Warfare Command to adopt stringent grooming and uniform standards required throughout the rest of the service, telling his top commanders “that a portion of this force is ethically misaligned with our culture.” In a memorandum issued... Read more
Judge rules transgender people can sue the Pentagon over policy barring them from serving
Corey Dickstein Stars and Stripes A federal judge in Maryland ruled Tuesday that men and women barred from joining the military because of their transgender status can proceed with a lawsuit seeking to overturn a Pentagon policy blocking their service. U.S. District Judge George Russell ruled transgender men and... Read more

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