Medic!  Army testing airdrops of plasma to save wounded soldiers
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes The Army is testing airdrops of freeze-dried plasma as a way of getting it closer to the battlefield to help improve the survival rate for wounded soldiers, it said in a statement released this week. Soldiers from the Fort Bragg, N.C.-based 432nd Blood Support... Read more
New Lt. General takes over the fight against ISIS
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes The latest leadership turnover within the U.S.-led coalition battling Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria brings continuity, more than change, officials said, as a veteran of the campaign returns to command its next stages. Lt. Gen. Pat White assumed command of Operation Inherent... Read more
Iran attack was first successful takedown of a Global Hawk drone
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes Iran’s attack on a U.S. Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance aircraft Thursday marks the first known instance of an adversary shooting down the workhorse drone in its nearly 18-year operational history. The RQ-4A Global Hawk maritime surveillance drone was flying in international airspace over the... Read more
CENTCOM: Iran helped Yemen rebels take down U.S. drone
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen shot down a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone at an altitude that U.S. Central Command said Sunday shows improved capability and likely assistance by Iran. The CENTCOM statement confirmed earlier reports of the incident, which took place earlier this month,... Read more
AFRICOM commander says progress is being made in Somalia
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes Continued success by the American-backed military campaign in Somalia could set the stage for economic development in the country, which has been wracked by years of lawlessness and violence, U.S. officials said. In high-level talks in Mogadishu on Tuesday, U.S. Africa Command’s Gen. Thomas... Read more
Bomber task force in Middle East completes first mission as tension with Iran increases
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes A U.S. Air Force bomber task force completed its first mission in Central Command Sunday amid heightened tensions with Iran, where over the weekend officials called for U.S. forces to leave the Persian Gulf region and dubbed the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln a... Read more
Pentagon unsure of how many public websites it runs
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes The Pentagon could be responsible for 5,000 publicly accessible websites. Or it could be less than half that. Nobody appears to know for sure. Speaking at a town hall event for employees of the military’s main public affairs organization, Army Col. Paul Haverstick said... Read more
Air Force carries out airstrike with F-35 for first time in combat
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes A pair of Air Force F-35A Lightning II aircraft carried out an airstrike on an Islamic State tunnel network in northern Iraq on Tuesday, marking the service’s first combat use of the aircraft, the military said. The strike by the conventional takeoff and landing... Read more
Merit over seniority: Army revamping 50-year-old centralized promotion board
Chad Garland Stars and Stripes The Army will revamp its centralized promotion board processes over the next few years to focus on advancing senior noncommissioned officers on merit, not time served. Gone will be annual sequenced promotion lists and the “P” status for promotable NCOs, to be replaced by... Read more

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